Saturday, December 4, 2010


haluu haluu

went out with my sisters today :)-explained the title :)

psst..the pics gladly explain the day 

i likey this poster :)
theyre the companions of the day

 haha Movie "Skyline" ni saja ja,we actually
Rapunzel- a tangled tale
hm..its really kinda a nice one :)
i love how they tried to maintain the 'classic' of the story while actually its someway modernized.
-the storyline kinda changed a lot here and there,thats disappointed me a lil bit :( -but since the 'classic' lived,so i dont really mind watchin.
something worth to watch for TALEs' freaks! lol

freaks watchin in 3D

beloved sista :p
the muvie startin soon.excitey

oh the board fell afterwards :( damn it.

Oh so while waiting for the movie to take place, we went to the em those
arcade area place.

i hate that machine the most

still mentally stabilized

see those freaked hands

haha  i was like reminiscing the past. I used to spent a lot of my time playing at such place long time ago.aww how i miss my younger years,
its not like im THAT old to be playing there,its just that,most peeps were kinda like highschoolers back then. hehe
people freaked out on how we sisters getting HyPe up playing such games.
we're still mentally stabilized so no worries really~

after muvie watchin,we went Gift-Shopping :)
visited lots of gift shops.
i kinda have something in mind to be celebrated this month.
but i dont really wish to tell what it is :p lol-
bought something for that occasion,hoping it'll be well accepted hee~
oh its not for Xmas ehe

 we looked happy dont we :)

went to 
Times.the Bookstore-too Much to offer !

i wanted to buy a novel,tho i still havent finish reading a novel that i bought before.So i guess i'll be finishing it tonight in order to get a new one :) wee.

wait fer me
those were quote words behind them

the day ended-after we got ourself something to eat.
i kinda feel alive after the whole outing done! hahaha

thanks fer reading :)

p/s: hope you peeps enjoyed the pics because i do :)



  1. Cecelia Ahern !! suka baca novel dia..:))

  2. huhu...awein...awein nmpk len la skrg...da makin cute...huhu ^_^ ... 1st pic memg cute...hehe