Thursday, December 16, 2010

like Wha..t ???


i dont mind peeps asking me questions about WHATEVER things ive posted here n there in this bloggie of MINE.
For example,when i write something like

'That bi**h'

some might wonder and said 'is she referring to me?'..
if youre tht curious enough and wanted to make sure that IT IS NOT YOU im referring to as a bitch,you could just might as well lay some questions rather than Making your own assumption- making me look like im such a "bad guy" and youre a one betrayed friend that just got stabbed.

or some might even say ''if you dont want peeps to get offended,then dont write like one,or just make it direct to the point will ya?''  
okay read this well 
-i write whatever i want,but in the end i'll make sure myself apologize for such Shit expressions of mine.
-i dont write DIRECT to THE point THINGY-because it'll just worsened things up-where unknown ppl might puzzling the real facts and some might stalk and does gossipies around US-(names involved because of too 'direct to the point'),its BETTER enuff i confessed only to the extent of Blowing my feelings thru words and not to tell REAL stories of whats happening.

thats why if youre really that ''terasa hati atau makan hati"..and again OFFENDED in any way just because of this awesome writing of mine.BE my guest and say it properly to me,complaint it to me,ask me politely.Dont just fuckin shit behind me.

just so you know-i have this comment box below,and whenever you think my post is full of craps and shits,where somehow someway u are offended.
 Again be my guest,do write up in the comment box saying-
"hey you shouldnt be writing like this,other peeps might get offended ..:("
and i would mostly reply something like this
"oh i  apologize i really dont mean to offend you guys-its just 'the particular person' that i cant stand with.and its not you so dont worry :).btw,i'll try writing in a more nicer way,but if i dont-i'll apologize again."

or if you that soo shy person and dont want to be identified,here spam me by my mail,i wont disclose any information of dont worry.

like seriously every post that sounds offending,i've make sure myself to apologize.i know like this is my blog duh,i can write everything i want duh,but still i respect readers and i hope they understand me as well.So please forgive me when you do.

so yaah i just made this blog of mine into something that people should 'think twice' before reading,where they would be 'warned' before entering.great- now its like im posting adult mature-S*x content. just NICE

lol thnx reading~

p/s: sorry fer such offends teehee if any taken-like mentioned-do post some comments or email/ym me :) we can discuss lol! dont just assume things up kay :p
just tryin to straighten things out here :)



  1. hahahaha i like this post. its like literally asking enemies to shower their sh*ts to u. hahahaha

  2. ouch! no3... dont get me wrong. I like the post. no hard feelings at all. seriously