Sunday, August 29, 2010

setelah bminggu3 test

i can now finally smile :)

only GOD knows I AM

yes3 i had a SUPERB REST for the past few days,and im still going CraZie about it.
This 'RAYA' madness is killin me! -lol- in a very GREAT WAY im startin to get the 

idk why,but i never been so excitey! maybe its because im currently living farway from hometown *sniffs* and just to think of returning home THIS COMING FRIDAY makes me feel like
FALLIN IN LOVE. great HOME is ;)

i cant wait!

ouh oki so the test week had finally RIP. I even got some of the test result allrdy..ugh...done pretty well i could say? not that HAPPENING/SADDENING.Its a so-so grade given :p.'well ive tried my best ;),gonna keep striking great ones' 

i had a great WEEK ;) despites the test were HERE and THERE.
The word 'reunion' NVR FAIL TO SERVE the word 'BEST'

Most of my friends had already blogged bout it,so its my turn ;))!

first was the 
AC220C class reunion~
how should i put it in words..
FUN! and AwEsOmE laaa,suka suka suka ;) 
the foods,the surroundings,the peeps,  MY MATES!! yups colleagues3 yg hadir sgt3
rsany dlm dewan tu, group kami la paling havoc,
siap join menari/karoke lg kat pentas. Hari tu jg,birthday tuk dua puteri kesayangan disambut dgn nyanyian ramai satu hall tu ^^
*cera n asma hppy bufday lg3* :))
here are some pic

byk lagi actually,tp tlampau byk3 susa mau uplod suma sekali hee

2nd was,
IFTAR bersama Ketua Menteri SABAH!
ni lagi best,mknan pun power3,jumpa member lama3,
Dpt duit RAYA,dengan pantun3 nya lagi yg lawak3,
Ucapan dari AyahBonda la plg MANTAP ;)
and yang  paling best sekali,
macam rasa d SABAH ja hari tu..
t'ubat rinduuu heee

nah gmbr3 ngee 
sekali lg d uplod dlm kuantt yg sikit krn tlmpau byk ini

fuhh pnt pula...internet recently sgt3 la slowpokie...ehe so x dpt upload byk3 huk3...
anyway anywho again....AKU BALIK MINGGU DEPAN HARI JUMAAT!
oh wow weeeeeee 

mau mkn raya banyak3!! ramai lg prefer ak chubby,aku nmpk susut sikit j hr tu,dh ramai komplen sna sni..ok3 nt ak chubby balik,jgn kmu komen lagi lagi...ha ha ha ;)


thnx fer readin ^^~

Monday, August 23, 2010

still with the test mode

=.= this 'test' word is being continuously repeated day by day
Theres no gap at all! *sigh*

If its not a test,it'll be a quiz,if its not a quiz,it'll be some presentation,if its not presentations,its gotta be assignments,if its not assignment,
'HOMEWORKs' will gladly replace them all~

hu hu hu...

We have a new lecturer teaching us on business correspondence, 
Shes kinda like somewhere from British,she hv that kind of 'accent' ya know.
Somehow someway shes a MALAYSIAN :))) and gladly enuff shes a muslim
It was her first time teachin on business correspondence,so it was kinda kinda so - so....
anyway anywho~ 
guhh..not enough with the 'common test', another quiz came by this evening :( gawsh..
not enough with the quiz,there she(the lecturer) went again telling about another upcoming quiz next week ...gah..the most frustrating was..
again she went on telling us about an upcoming TEST
taht wud be held RIGHT AFTER the raya holiday which is on the 20th.
OKAY f.y.i my flight from Sabah back to Kuala Lumpur falls under the


but worry no more,She has a solution.Its all about 'dealing' ;) in a proper way that is :P.

okay im getting sleepy!...

but before tht, tomorrow is my Costing test AND my GAMELAN test :( occupied with TEST!

thnx fer readin anyway =.= hu hu hu 'YOU' do cheer me up.

Saturday, August 21, 2010


oMg, finally i get to rest my HEAD!

The week was seriously killing me.THNk god im nt dead :p
but its still too early to b resting actually, i still have MILLIONS of things that need to be done a.s.a.p.
rawr how i wish i could just sleep and sleep and sleep....aliVE not dead :P

ouhkay,just a quick update.

PAST tests were FREAKIN Murderous!

Reachin back finance paper-the multiple questions were *** ! yessss ive read quite enough,but still its too em.. too harsh on me :(. The quantitative and essays pretty much SHOCKING too.. :( ive studied bbut...too harsh! lol but overall kinda so so,i managed to answer all of it,but im nt sure whether im ACTUALLY answering the questions OR NOT :p.That is just SO awein. *wink.

Around 2pm just now,had my TAX test.
Guess what? lets just LOL! screammm ourself out babes!
ha ha ha..yes i basically went 'blank' most of the times...
bUt still i ANSWERED ALL. :) its not that hard but kinda confuziee much,it made me think a lot of 'wordssss' in the textbook.All the words were just streaming up and down,left and right within my mind.All the percentage and lines and of course NUMBERS..oh wow wee..gila-

God,do have mercy on me :((

anyway im pretty much tensed back there,so im gona 'relaxin MUCH' right now :P

those who r taking Audit test tomorrow,MUCH LUCKS from me :)))

im off to bed! oh wait i have chores =.='' so much for a relaxin moment.
okie3,thanx for reading ! :))

p/s: i still have 2 test coming up this tues and wed,and on thurs i hv a quiz on finance and a presentation on costing.IM NOT 'RELAXIN' at all. :(

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

hello TEST

yess busy ish the word r8 now.
theres obviously LOTS of revision needed since its our 'common test' week.

so the test will start tomorrow,and its finance subject :(
its not like i hate this subject but somehow someway it annoys me??... whtever it is,gona keep striking the best aightS?so suka x suka,blkg cerita la...

actually ak di lab skrg ni,kelas finance hbs awal,lecturer tu suruh kami sekelas prepare tuk test esok,and aku?
belasah internet pula da...:)
biasala awein bblogin sblm bljr,eleh ak bloggin ni skjp ja,sekadar m'update keadaan yg berlaku.

so startin from em today and up till wednesday THURSDAY! aku akn busy gila3 preparing fer my test ~.Actually test aku habis hari rabu hu hu hu,tapi...
tetiba pula  finance ada kuiz hr khamis.Mau x mau,aku kena la belasah lagi buku finance nt hr rabu malam,
lagi3 hari khamis tu juga ada PRESENTATION tuk costing.
Mcm3 kena prepare boss i tell you.

so yang ko sibukkn lg diri ko lyn blog ko ni apsal???
.sukahatimamabapaaku la.
tau la aku manage apa bnda aku mau buat dan apa aku x mau buat.
aku akan make sure yang aku akan dpt result gempak3 sebab
 aku da janji dgn 'kau' :)

handphone3 aku,konfom akan habis battery,
aku akn cas hp tuk no 013 saja,so apa2 berita,contact d number itu sj tau. :)
InsyAllah aku balas msg/layan kol,tapi seriously aku tidak janji apa3
-sedangkan boyfren aku sendiri pun aku x t'layan minggu test ni.
Jadi fhm3 la kalau aku ter'tidak reply.
Bukan aku tak sudi sayang3 sekalian.
Habis test je aku JANJI aku reply semuanya yang aku tertidak reply lol . *promise

okay okay okay.
off i go peeps ;)
thnx fer reading!!!

Sunday, August 15, 2010


messed my night with  some works :(

i forgot lar,that theres actlly more to what im expected to finish off! rawrr.

With this 'i want to sleep' eyes of mine,stared the clock and sighed deeply inside, knewing the fact that 'oh my precious night time BED' just flown away with the starry2 stars in the sky together with the moon shining the night superbly Awesome.

its SUX.
and it comes with a 'MUCH'
.sux much.
okey no moe 'curses'

so,if u have that so called work to do,WTH are you still hanging around bloggin?
.suka hati mama bapa aku la.
ha ha ha
aww come on la,aku mau nag3 skjp j...lepas ni ak jnji ak trs bg siap kerja rumah aku tu okey?

so i was so reluctanttttt to wake up,and moved as slow as i can possibly imagine..i didnt rlly pay attention to the surrounding,-again- its me being half conscious a.k.a Zombied. headed to the toilet,
and AS I WAS ABOUT TO ENTER,my foot was terribly KNOCKED accidentally with the toilet door.
it was not just SOME knock,its a  knock that left 'a pretty nice reddish' inner bleeding to my FOOT!


ha    ha    ha  im nt laughing seriously,
because of that,im soooOoooo wide awakeeee now,
thank you.


and off i go now fer that so called work of mine!

thnx fer reading my soooooooo zombified thoughts

Saturday, August 14, 2010

my mode-hear this out!

David archuleta - Something bout love
"There's something 'bout love
That breaks your heart Whoa oh oh oh It sets you free
There's something 'bout love  
That tears you up Whoa oh oh oh You still believe
There's something 'bout love
that breaks your heart Whoa oh oh oh... But don't give up
There's something 'bout love"

Eminem ft Rihanna - Love the way you lie
"But you promised her next time you'll show restraint
You don't get another chance
Life is no nintendo game, but you lied again
Now you get to watch her leave out the window
Guess that's why they call it window pane
All I know is I love you too much to walk away though"

Cheryl cole - Parachute
"Baby, if I've got you
I don't need a parachute
You're gonna catch me
You're gonna catch if I fall
Down, down, down"

Shontelle - Impossible
Tell them I was happy
And my heart is broken
All my scars are open
Tell them what I hoped would be
Impossible, impossible

Ungu- Cinta dalam hati

Friday, August 13, 2010

seeking 'you'

if i could have a wish come true..
i want ....

a LOT of things.

Not just someThings.
There are 'things' that i would like to have it pretty close within me.

Everyday and night being there just perfectly for me.
Comforting me as how i desire.
Loving and care for me just like how i wanted it to.
Creating sad and happy moments together.
just us...

because seriously,

no matter if its day or night im there for u
annoyance as i might be,but will never let you fall
i care and i love you -cant u see?
i want to make you happy and i never want to make you cry.

thats what im trying to tell
i want to be with you,
enduring OUR life together..
its not just about me.Its about US.

im tryin hard,
but still, im a normal human being..
so forgive me when you do..

 :) im nt dedicating this 'stuff' to any1,
its only words of my mind speaking. 
 its me thinking about 'you'.
people that i wish to be with..

Monday, August 9, 2010


what a restful day...
Class just now was held only fer 30 minutes! and we managed to answer 3-4 questions of taxation too!-solan much satisfied har3

Last night i slept around 4 in the morning :p,and obviously i ~overslept~ but thankful enough we arrived class 'Just In Time (JIT)'.Thank god, the reason i stayed up was to continue workin on a financial trend analysis-an assignment that doesnt have a definite dateline to send in,but seriously,i want to finish it around this week.So im working hard on it and so as the others.So far,everything goin smooth,likey much!.tho theres still lots of it,too early to b liking it~still im prepared fer all the dramas confront.

asal jgn lupa tuhan *wink everything wud b fine

 im chatting -much-recently @ YM and fb..ah its nice to have updates of long lost friends.last night i had a chat with a friend :) kept me awake while doin assignments.we always chat our nights up till morning comes.And its seriously fun despite the fact that i hv early classes in the morning lol.


later pula got ETR and koko classses...the only thing im regretting is- its in the evening..late in the evening..
ugh...but sigh no moreee im going steady and cool-  
followin the flow of a student life~
u guys should try to0 :),stay all positive and nice,its GREAT hee

so off i go fer a rest,i'll blog again later on free times ;) 
thnx fer reading!


Saturday, August 7, 2010

smlm dn hr ini

har3 tajuk x blh bla,rsanya ak prnh guna tajuk ni tuk an old post in a past blog of mine.
the PAST repeated?.

.no comment.
 okeh2.ap jd smlm??
Smlm hr jumaat,hari d mana,the word 'Lazyness' IS ALWAYS ESSENTIAL!yesss actually ak ad dua kelas to attend smlm,tp MALANGNYA,ak sgt la .malasmalasmalas. so x la ak attend kan diri ak ke dua kelas tsebut.Siapa x knl awein kn ;).Tp ak bukan la kaki ponteng pun :(,ak kalau mau ponteng,tgk2 keadaan jg.Kalau lampu merah,of course la im nt tht stupid enough to drive thru -n later found out dead.Nooo...

dah ak rasa smlm tu mcm Green light ja,ak pun skip la ;).
'Others' mentioned morning class,was kinda that was A green light? yessss!...but but the evening class um um...em em...supposedly to be a Green light,Malangnya dan malangnya, others mentioned 
'ada KUIZ'
-oh wow weee~
kuiz yg akan membantu carrying mark ak! terbang begitu shj :(((((...
huk3,ak sediy tu sediy
'mrk prnh berkata-berani buat,BERANI TANGGUNG'
jadi tanggung la aa wein :p..............

jd ap awein buat smlm?xkn duk diam kt umah j??....hak3 solan x blh bla.
At first i thot to just stay peace at home,rest and doin any undone works.
But but..apsal ak blh mlepak kt KL pula?? ha ha ha ha ....
member2,rkn2 sperjuangan,h/roomates-konfom fhm dan akn direct tau jawapan kpd solan ak td ;)

iklan iklan: Kain ntah ap,ttba bterbangan d depan ak.No,not flying.Kain itu 'dibuang' dr pintu bilik ak ke katil org yg membuang itu.jarak tersebut agak jauh,namun slmt smpai ke destinasi.Tahniah........end.

senang cerita ak p tgk wayang laa smlm,ak g tgk crita ni :)
salt 2010 Pictures, Images and Photos
BEST la juga..all the actions and tum tam tum...
but overall..xdala happening sgt~ but it was a cool one rly :)
xspoilerx: ak sgt sedih SUAMI dy d bunuh begitu sahaja dpn mata dy sndiri~ :(((

lepass tu hari INI,hr sabtu,ak kua jg :S
ak g tgk wayang juga,tgk crita ni :)
orta Pictures, Images and Photos
a movie adapted from an animation tht i sometimes watched long time ago at Nickelodeon~


two days in a row,ak bahagia.terima kasih :)
i would write more actually but i got assignments,homeworks,revision,and lots of study to do ;)
so i g2g basically :p hee..just to update blog ni hee thanx for reading anyway :D

bulan puasa skjp lagi :)

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

shattered just like that

just a while ago,i was unexpectedly happy that i even thought that i could smileeeee and smileeee and smilee and smile and...........

bUt it was  A WAS! unfortunately,sadly,BADLY enough it was a WAS!
Yes,the smile ENDED just like that~~~~
Shattered/broken/DAMNED by MILLION and TONS of endless SHITS! day was perfectly fine until....

that ''thing'' came up to my knowledge.

.crap you.

sorry fer purposely lettin any of u read this~ =.=

i'll b okay in a minute :|