Thursday, December 2, 2010

its gona be NEW YEAR

 is just around the corner peeps.!

and i gotta say that 2010 is  
''one of the Toughest journey of my LYF'' 
compared with all the YEARS ive confronted before.


maybe it was because i turned 20.
and im beginning to view life in a more wider-er Window.

tho there were some peeps think that im still kinda child-ish.
and im neither denying or doubting it,because .. i really feel so too :)

i mean, its really fun amazingly fun to still get to do and to think like a child. 
fer me its fun
some peeps got freaked out and 
they actually- directly hit the FaCTs to my face that its annoying 
how youre trying to act like a child while youre actually Growing up 
-it doesnt synchronize. At ALL

okay dokay.
i thought of it for a Whole lot of time of mine.
maybe-i am a somekind of a spoiled brat.

so im willing to change.
i started to be more serious and gain maturity within the surroundings..
but as the life flow,i never really think that im that 'Changed'

so i think think think again and again and again..
okay i was thinking wayyy MUCH.

i could pretty much assume that i was kinda lost 

...and suddenly i was writing things down...
and i wrote all this out to actually motivate lol myself :p

''it doesnt hurt to play around a lil bit,everyone have this childish personality if you search deeply within them.if you want to change,just make sure you have this sincere intention of doing so,because it takes time''

''just..follow the flow of life and you wont even realized how much you've changed.the best part is- you're still the same :) because you're just being you '' :)

thats what i thought really
somehow it helped.

i dont wanna change Drastically,or i'll be missing out the enjoyment of life :).
im changing but i dont want to be missing a 'Part' of me later on.
im keeping them both :) tho this time-im not gona freak peeps out of me.


thanks for reading :)

p/s: i'll be bloggin mostly bout how my 2010 turned my lyf up and down this december and by that im surely will b ready to write a new day in 2011 :)
aww how lame but i likey much :p ehe
so mind me :)

' i pretend to be normal,but its boring.So im being back myself  '


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