Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Random 25 taggey


im taaaaaaaagged~ by ayie
hehe lama suda kena tag..sory baru sempat buat :(

so firstly

The all time rule
Once you have been tagged,you are supposed to write a note with 25 random,things,facts or goal about the end,choose 25 people to be have to tagged the person who tagged you.if i tag you,its because 
i want to know more about you. 

1.i smile a lot :)
2.likes to 'makeover' things
3.Love meeting new peeps
4.favvy Cute and fluffy stuffs
5.Animals r lovable creatures :)
6.admirable listener lol
7.likey going places
8.i treasure memories and sweet moments
9.peeps can make me happy easily
10.i can draw :p

BAD ONE bad at making decision.
12.a lil clumsy..
15.Easily offended
16.i tend to shout rather than to just talk normally,thats wht peeps been saying since...
17.Daydreaming a lot
18.extra gloomy when im not in the mood.other peeps/stuffs might get affected.
19.its either i think TOO much or i dont think at all
20.i dont forget shits.once hurt,eternal scars.

21.fluffy dolls make me comfy
22.i hate crowd
24.i dont do rollercoaster or whtsoever coaster that exist.
25.i like designing :) shirts bags banner photo editing. im not a pro tho.

people to tag.
im tagging less because of some circumstances. lol tho feel free to tag yerself. 


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