Friday, December 17, 2010

december ending plan! :D

 hey hi ho!

Next week is my last week hanging with you peeps here at KK.
cuz the week after next week lol..will b flyin back to Shah Alam :( 
but i'll continue blogging fer sure,its just that i'll be doing it at different place, and its kinda 'not the same'
anyway,since im going to be away in the next 240 hours lol, 

babes Enjoy with me!

so its 

December 2010,
19th-got plan with Nav
21th-booked 4 DaadeeDum :D
22th-got plan with FANn
24th-mom will b goin Kelantan(but im still Free on this date ^^'')
25th-i wonder if this date okey fer us to have our date jessica joseph lol
27th-mom got back from Kelantan
28th-Hello again Shah Alam

So another date is with Dee and the geng,but still not sure what date it'll be-but i'll b free on those blank dates,just pick one(or 2/more-lol-) day/s  kay Dee :)

ah,i'll be missing new year at KK again :| my sis will have to watch fireworks without me :(

oh well-im off to hv some mango yoghurt.
thanx reading!

p/s: gawsh i need to buy a lot of things before goin back :(..


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