Friday, December 24, 2010

its 24th!

 its Xmas eve :)
lots of fireworks boomboom!

anyway,i was kinda busy handling meeting and outing with friends this week.
since its my last week spending here at KK,peeps just wanna have fun lol.
so i rarely have the time to get myself updated with facebook and blogspot.
Anyway,it seems that ive got no date today,im pretty much rested,so i might as well update this blogie of mine :)

starting from the 19th ive been continuously going out meeting friends,karaoke'ing,movies watchin and so so..
i admit that it was extremely exhausting lol but we enjoyed and its kinda strengthen our bonds and relationships.

and again-
i  have a date tomorrow with this one girlfriend of mine,she have this lots of stories here and there-and im just too too curious ya noe...... :( but um,
like suddenly  
my dad called just now and.... gess what.. 
 im not permitted to go out ANYMORE,
like i was somekind of a grounded child?? i din do anything wrong :( its just that i went out often recently.. but..really..I JUST WANT TO MEET HER,DADDY'O.

So since im soooooooo like daddy's "obedient" little daughter
ive got no choice but to agree of what he said so :(.

but that doesnt change the fact that  
i still want to meet that awesome girlfriend of mine.weeeeeee
so i invited her to come to my house instead. another weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee...

so first thing tomorrow morning is cleaning the house !
lol im going to cook too! specially fer her :) 
shes having a hard time recently-
so meeting her tomorrow is kinda like a cheer up partey!
lol its not really gona be a party,its just gonna be some small gathering chit chatting things and stuffs :)
but i really wish to make her smile..just want to lighten up her day 

smile baby !

thanks reading!
p/s: wish me goodluck 4 cooking tomorrow !


Saturday, December 18, 2010



Friday, December 17, 2010

december ending plan! :D

 hey hi ho!

Next week is my last week hanging with you peeps here at KK.
cuz the week after next week lol..will b flyin back to Shah Alam :( 
but i'll continue blogging fer sure,its just that i'll be doing it at different place, and its kinda 'not the same'
anyway,since im going to be away in the next 240 hours lol, 

babes Enjoy with me!

so its 

December 2010,
19th-got plan with Nav
21th-booked 4 DaadeeDum :D
22th-got plan with FANn
24th-mom will b goin Kelantan(but im still Free on this date ^^'')
25th-i wonder if this date okey fer us to have our date jessica joseph lol
27th-mom got back from Kelantan
28th-Hello again Shah Alam

So another date is with Dee and the geng,but still not sure what date it'll be-but i'll b free on those blank dates,just pick one(or 2/more-lol-) day/s  kay Dee :)

ah,i'll be missing new year at KK again :| my sis will have to watch fireworks without me :(

oh well-im off to hv some mango yoghurt.
thanx reading!

p/s: gawsh i need to buy a lot of things before goin back :(..


luh-vin it

freakin nice


wishing u :(

this color! i want this below color the most.

thinkin of buyin a new one :| but moneyy *sigh


Thursday, December 16, 2010

like Wha..t ???


i dont mind peeps asking me questions about WHATEVER things ive posted here n there in this bloggie of MINE.
For example,when i write something like

'That bi**h'

some might wonder and said 'is she referring to me?'..
if youre tht curious enough and wanted to make sure that IT IS NOT YOU im referring to as a bitch,you could just might as well lay some questions rather than Making your own assumption- making me look like im such a "bad guy" and youre a one betrayed friend that just got stabbed.

or some might even say ''if you dont want peeps to get offended,then dont write like one,or just make it direct to the point will ya?''  
okay read this well 
-i write whatever i want,but in the end i'll make sure myself apologize for such Shit expressions of mine.
-i dont write DIRECT to THE point THINGY-because it'll just worsened things up-where unknown ppl might puzzling the real facts and some might stalk and does gossipies around US-(names involved because of too 'direct to the point'),its BETTER enuff i confessed only to the extent of Blowing my feelings thru words and not to tell REAL stories of whats happening.

thats why if youre really that ''terasa hati atau makan hati"..and again OFFENDED in any way just because of this awesome writing of mine.BE my guest and say it properly to me,complaint it to me,ask me politely.Dont just fuckin shit behind me.

just so you know-i have this comment box below,and whenever you think my post is full of craps and shits,where somehow someway u are offended.
 Again be my guest,do write up in the comment box saying-
"hey you shouldnt be writing like this,other peeps might get offended ..:("
and i would mostly reply something like this
"oh i  apologize i really dont mean to offend you guys-its just 'the particular person' that i cant stand with.and its not you so dont worry :).btw,i'll try writing in a more nicer way,but if i dont-i'll apologize again."

or if you that soo shy person and dont want to be identified,here spam me by my mail,i wont disclose any information of dont worry.

like seriously every post that sounds offending,i've make sure myself to apologize.i know like this is my blog duh,i can write everything i want duh,but still i respect readers and i hope they understand me as well.So please forgive me when you do.

so yaah i just made this blog of mine into something that people should 'think twice' before reading,where they would be 'warned' before entering.great- now its like im posting adult mature-S*x content. just NICE

lol thnx reading~

p/s: sorry fer such offends teehee if any taken-like mentioned-do post some comments or email/ym me :) we can discuss lol! dont just assume things up kay :p
just tryin to straighten things out here :)


Wednesday, December 15, 2010

cream spaghetti

wah wah wah :D

last night stayed up to watch the "goguma couple" - some Korean Tv program.
and they were cooking  !!
because of that,i was pretty sure my stomach went roaring and grumbling like A LOT.

so anyway, they mentioned about 'cream spaghetti'..
right...they cooked it and it looked extremely delicious!
man..with all the cheese and seafood seasoning...
it visited my dream-FOR REAL!

i bet its tasty

rawr,so the next day ( today),im so determined in making one!
but i was lacking of many...lemme repeat,MANY ingredients and stuffs :p
trying to act like a pro( and im obviously not )
-the main thing was just to make it creeeeaamyyyy...

LOL me
so i have this mushroom cream lol,i kinda exchange it with the cheese and  i added an egg to make it look moe concentrated.Add other stuffs like tomatoes and some seasoning
it look more creamier than the above pic :).
tho i forgot to take a pic of that spaghetti ive already cooked :(. My bad.

it kinda looked like this
dont laugh peeps,it taasted Good....and i was content.

nyahaha so its kinda more like a 'mushroom cream spaghetti' rather than the seafood taste mentioned

thanks reading!

p/s: oh <3ing spaghetti moe~


Tuesday, December 14, 2010


Nice ;)


aweins shock :0


seriously im SHOCK!
no no- its nothing like B2ST

im just thrilled because...

i sleep a lot these days and my sis would enter my room saying 
''kau ni tidur saja''
okay i was like i dont give a damn. :p
but then,i woke up and started blogwalking...
and read something about sleeping..
im like :ooo....ookay....

isnt this just cute ;)
-by Ayie

it stated,
''terlalu banyak tidur sama seperti terlalu banyak makan''

tee hee he he... :)
i know i should do something bout this habit of mine~
oh God-this is really whats meant by 'Guidance from HIM'
so starting tomorrow,no moe sleepyhead!  

p/s:glad thing i blogwalkie often ;)


oh oh oh!

uuh i would love to have this type of keyboard~ :D





Monday, December 13, 2010

dreaming lately



Did you get in trouble a lot this year?

um  trouble..yeah i could say a lot..

small kind of trouble tho..

troubled whenever i have to re-register myself here and there for my continuance studying in accountancy
troubled whenever i got myself late going to classes-seriously its turning into a habit :(
troubled whenever i din finish up homeworks and how lecturers would ask to solve it the next day.
troubled whenever presentation always ended up side down
troubled whenever everything planned turned messed.
troubled whenever theres no buses around to pick me up for evening classes
troubled whenever i overslept.
troubled whenever i spent a lot of my time sleeping :(
troubled whenever that Spoiled brat roommate of mine din clean up her mess.

okay the big troubles

<3-troubled whenever i reminded with that one bitch
(she really thinks shes that pure and innocent- youre just another Shit with lots of negative thots hypocritical mindless showoff haters jealousmuch badstoryteller friendshipbreaker- i hate you forever)
yes im still haunted with your fawkin mouth.Gawsh i dont know why im suddenly hating again-maybe its because i know shes not changing-shes still the same,being freakin innocent !and damn, it hurts watchin her ''new'' friends gettin fawked by her words again-Exactly like what she did to our friendship before.
So screw her!
p/s bitch :if youre someway reading this-its not like i dont forgive,please dont worry-
i forgave you already,it just that,..i dont forget.So,whenever if you happens to pass me by and im someway smiling to u :) its not because ''we're sooo like bestfriendsss''..its just because i love to smile :p duh.Seriously i treasured you more than a friend before,we're like Sista! and you tossed it in the trash-bruno mars grenade.congratulation.
p/s: sorry readers :( i purposely let you guys read this,dont mind this one kay :) its not something you peeps that ''love to blogwalkie'' have to worry about-its just that Particular bitch,a friend that shouldnt try messing up friendship.okay wars no moe.

<3~troubled when the business plan we've worked on hours and hours-
din finished on time.
hhahaha gawsh that moments, it was a project for a group of five-in entrepreneur class,we held meeting twice a week and i guess thats not enough lol.The project end up getting LOSSES straight fer 3 consecutive years.How lovely.haha so we were like straightening things back there-to at least a year Profitable.
and we end up being the very last one to send in. :p
and the worst i guesS? i dont know.
But it reflected very baddd on me :( because i was that so called manager of all manager.blah bla bla...
Staying positive as i could and took it as an experience that i'll never forget :)
i'll be a better well known manager in future times- i promish*
haha like real?

thanks for reading peeps :)
-no offends-


Sunday, December 12, 2010

Did anyone you love die this year?

em,.nope i gess none :|


the word 'die' kinda reminded me of those two lovely hamster

dear Tora died last year,its kinda somewhere around the december month.
little Shou died somewhere around april this year.
So literally-the question above reminded me of them :(.

When i said dear Tora died around this month,its kinda like 
'a remembrance' for a year of her death :(.
 thinking bout it -just make me kinda wanna cry..*sniffs but nah not going to :p
anyway ive blogged about Tora's death long time ago,

my past blog
it was kinda one of my sad moments.
just To think about
how she tried and struggled to live when she's actually suffering
how i  prayed that she was just having a temporarily pain and would be fine the next day
how i love her cute and funny moments..
rawr! making me so much  :(  

i love you dearest.

talking bout little shou :)
Shes the cheerful one~upon buying her,i remembered how one of her comrade bit me :p.damn it.i was bleeeeeding...blood just came out and out..that comrade of her bit me really Deeeeeeeeeep.Seriously,they were like 'Dont take Shou away!'..
aah i dont give a damn! lol
on the day she passed away,i was busy with my study week at Shah Alam ,and i wasnt notified of it.Mum said its better not to 'unFocus' me lah konon kan.
well ive to agree-study week those time were much 'Worser'.
anyway,my sis did her best to make little Shou comfy.
but she cant dwell with fate that ..
i miss her..

:) i love them~both of them lasted with us fer like more than 1 year :) it was really kinda like their old days back then.Its fun seeing them growing up~ lol now their like my kids? ahahah nahhhh
tho i do consider them as my family.

so theyre not just 'anyone'.. :)

thanks fer reading!


Saturday, December 11, 2010

its just life



Friday, December 10, 2010



Wednesday, December 8, 2010

how sweet :)

like seriously awwwwww ~



Hari tu

aku keluar lagi dengan adik2 aku :)
tapi tujuan outing hari tu just mau melepaskan stress dengan ber'karaoke.

so kami karaoke dari jam 11am-2pm,yep tidak lain dan tidak bukan di  
Karamunsing KKbox harharhar..cuma kali ni tiada gambar2, sebab keSyok'an menyanyi sana sini dalam bilik besarr-kami 3 org saja conquer. hihihi

Melawak budak dua ekor tu sambil berkaraoke.Aku pula bahagia lebih2. hohoho
lepas karaoke ja,kami balik :| rasa macam x puas,tapi x pa la,lain kali kami melawat lagi.

oh oh! sebelum kami pulang kan,adik aku sempat beli 'something' yang boleh dibawa main di rumah hahaha
x juga bosan petang kami kan :p

so apa lah benda tu aa~
jeng jeng jeng
jadi budak sekeeeejap

eya,kami main bubble bubble :)
hahaha kami main di luar rumah,so banyak kereta yang lalu2-tersenyum sj,bahagia maybe tgk bubble2 terkumpul -yang menggeleng pun ada juga :( sorry la tapi kami x menggangu lalu lintas pun.
oh well
kami bahagia2 saja :) 

thnx reading!


Random 25 taggey


im taaaaaaaagged~ by ayie
hehe lama suda kena tag..sory baru sempat buat :(

so firstly

The all time rule
Once you have been tagged,you are supposed to write a note with 25 random,things,facts or goal about the end,choose 25 people to be have to tagged the person who tagged you.if i tag you,its because 
i want to know more about you. 

1.i smile a lot :)
2.likes to 'makeover' things
3.Love meeting new peeps
4.favvy Cute and fluffy stuffs
5.Animals r lovable creatures :)
6.admirable listener lol
7.likey going places
8.i treasure memories and sweet moments
9.peeps can make me happy easily
10.i can draw :p

BAD ONE bad at making decision.
12.a lil clumsy..
15.Easily offended
16.i tend to shout rather than to just talk normally,thats wht peeps been saying since...
17.Daydreaming a lot
18.extra gloomy when im not in the mood.other peeps/stuffs might get affected.
19.its either i think TOO much or i dont think at all
20.i dont forget shits.once hurt,eternal scars.

21.fluffy dolls make me comfy
22.i hate crowd
24.i dont do rollercoaster or whtsoever coaster that exist.
25.i like designing :) shirts bags banner photo editing. im not a pro tho.

people to tag.
im tagging less because of some circumstances. lol tho feel free to tag yerself. 


Saturday, December 4, 2010


haluu haluu

went out with my sisters today :)-explained the title :)

psst..the pics gladly explain the day 

i likey this poster :)
theyre the companions of the day

 haha Movie "Skyline" ni saja ja,we actually
Rapunzel- a tangled tale
hm..its really kinda a nice one :)
i love how they tried to maintain the 'classic' of the story while actually its someway modernized.
-the storyline kinda changed a lot here and there,thats disappointed me a lil bit :( -but since the 'classic' lived,so i dont really mind watchin.
something worth to watch for TALEs' freaks! lol

freaks watchin in 3D

beloved sista :p
the muvie startin soon.excitey

oh the board fell afterwards :( damn it.

Oh so while waiting for the movie to take place, we went to the em those
arcade area place.

i hate that machine the most

still mentally stabilized

see those freaked hands

haha  i was like reminiscing the past. I used to spent a lot of my time playing at such place long time ago.aww how i miss my younger years,
its not like im THAT old to be playing there,its just that,most peeps were kinda like highschoolers back then. hehe
people freaked out on how we sisters getting HyPe up playing such games.
we're still mentally stabilized so no worries really~

after muvie watchin,we went Gift-Shopping :)
visited lots of gift shops.
i kinda have something in mind to be celebrated this month.
but i dont really wish to tell what it is :p lol-
bought something for that occasion,hoping it'll be well accepted hee~
oh its not for Xmas ehe

 we looked happy dont we :)

went to 
Times.the Bookstore-too Much to offer !

i wanted to buy a novel,tho i still havent finish reading a novel that i bought before.So i guess i'll be finishing it tonight in order to get a new one :) wee.

wait fer me
those were quote words behind them

the day ended-after we got ourself something to eat.
i kinda feel alive after the whole outing done! hahaha

thanks fer reading :)

p/s: hope you peeps enjoyed the pics because i do :)