Monday, December 13, 2010

Did you get in trouble a lot this year?

um  trouble..yeah i could say a lot..

small kind of trouble tho..

troubled whenever i have to re-register myself here and there for my continuance studying in accountancy
troubled whenever i got myself late going to classes-seriously its turning into a habit :(
troubled whenever i din finish up homeworks and how lecturers would ask to solve it the next day.
troubled whenever presentation always ended up side down
troubled whenever everything planned turned messed.
troubled whenever theres no buses around to pick me up for evening classes
troubled whenever i overslept.
troubled whenever i spent a lot of my time sleeping :(
troubled whenever that Spoiled brat roommate of mine din clean up her mess.

okay the big troubles

<3-troubled whenever i reminded with that one bitch
(she really thinks shes that pure and innocent- youre just another Shit with lots of negative thots hypocritical mindless showoff haters jealousmuch badstoryteller friendshipbreaker- i hate you forever)
yes im still haunted with your fawkin mouth.Gawsh i dont know why im suddenly hating again-maybe its because i know shes not changing-shes still the same,being freakin innocent !and damn, it hurts watchin her ''new'' friends gettin fawked by her words again-Exactly like what she did to our friendship before.
So screw her!
p/s bitch :if youre someway reading this-its not like i dont forgive,please dont worry-
i forgave you already,it just that,..i dont forget.So,whenever if you happens to pass me by and im someway smiling to u :) its not because ''we're sooo like bestfriendsss''..its just because i love to smile :p duh.Seriously i treasured you more than a friend before,we're like Sista! and you tossed it in the trash-bruno mars grenade.congratulation.
p/s: sorry readers :( i purposely let you guys read this,dont mind this one kay :) its not something you peeps that ''love to blogwalkie'' have to worry about-its just that Particular bitch,a friend that shouldnt try messing up friendship.okay wars no moe.

<3~troubled when the business plan we've worked on hours and hours-
din finished on time.
hhahaha gawsh that moments, it was a project for a group of five-in entrepreneur class,we held meeting twice a week and i guess thats not enough lol.The project end up getting LOSSES straight fer 3 consecutive years.How lovely.haha so we were like straightening things back there-to at least a year Profitable.
and we end up being the very last one to send in. :p
and the worst i guesS? i dont know.
But it reflected very baddd on me :( because i was that so called manager of all manager.blah bla bla...
Staying positive as i could and took it as an experience that i'll never forget :)
i'll be a better well known manager in future times- i promish*
haha like real?

thanks for reading peeps :)
-no offends-


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