Saturday, July 31, 2010

a somekind of A week

Monday.tuesday.wednesday were normal,had classes,homeworks,assignments and stuffs.
'bored doing the same thing everyday'~nothing much :P.
Gamelan class was canceled,didnt get to meet the 'new friend' ive mentioned previously.Too much thinking.Stressed and tensed much here and there.TIRED

thankful enough,all of the sad and teary moments fallen within the 'right' part.

sadly,im not tht strong enough to be thinking that way all the time.

Surely and obviously theres 'something' making me sad every now and then,but LIFE just have so many to offer rather than being sad and gloomy.
its not easy,enduring this kind of sadness within.
thank god its preferable enough that feeling can b xpress into words instead of action.
kn kn kn...lama ak TERBUNUH kalau x mcm begitu.

'everyone hv its up and down'
seriously im trying to survive :) no matter what :
the word 'trying' is much better 2 b heard than 'giving up'..
sabo je la awein~

masuk2 hari khamis,ad best sikittt hee..
Finally it something diffrent-

went to PUTRAJAYA :),mengikuti lawatan ke Jabatan Akauntan Negara.
Got myself a fresh new discovery of the world.esehmen,yala dr p kls mcm biasa,enduring everything the same way,sgt2 la bosan,a lil bit much dpt jg buka pndgn into something wider and broader,

but still ya la,classes are always important to attend~sdikit sbyk ak regret juga replacing classes with visitation.
but but then both were somewhat 'precious' kan,sacrifice was the only way :).
Im still gona catch up with the learning process 'academically 'no matter how hard it would be,
visitation on the other hand were 'once in a while'..It doesnt hurt to chill around aights?.Well of course it would,if i mention how many works and assignments assigned on that day that i missed.~LOL
but seriously,on that particular day, im a lil bit relief and rested~somewhere in my mind just dozed off and thankful enough i enjoyed~

here r some pics~ hee 
gahh byk lg pics actlly tp d tmpt rakan2 yg lain huk3,so ini2 ja la yg dpt d share :)

the next day turned back into something normal la kn~the classes~ oh wow wee...
lol nothing much happened but SOMETHING did happened. lol

it was freaking raining in the evening!! we were awesomely showered by the rain~lol i wish i cud just picture that moment,but it was even hard to hold the umbrella,apa lagi kalau pegang camera,mau posing pun susah,silap2 rosak camera kena hujan...nyahaha. so the fb extract above was something that can b treasure for futher memory reminder *wink i luv u girls.

gahhh so after friday,Saturday is THE DAY! lol i love you saturday~<33333
hee but still,works and assignments shouldnt be ignore~okay okay here i come 
*study mode*
thanks for reading.!

Monday, July 26, 2010

Begitu mengantukny hr ini


Masuk j hr isnin ni kn,mula la adegan x cukup tdo,mata kuyuu,x bermaya,unenergized dn mcm2 lagi...


Masuk2 j hari isnin ni juga,bermaksud,masukla juga ak ke dlm kerja2 rumah,assignment,presentation,kuiz dn mcm2 lagi...


ak sbg manusia biasa, esehmen....
seharusnya tabah ..wah..
dan spttnya sentiasa bfikiran positif..

mak aih~

''awein ko demam ka??'' hak3...

a self motivation that could actually help me endure my days ahead.
so seriously im wayyyyyyy sleepy,pretty much 'zombied' and quite creepy atm...
Org nmpk ak jalan2 td,ad yg terkejut,ad yg berlari,ad yg buat2 x nmpk-macam org jumpa hantu pun ad juga.Sedih la weh,.x cukup tido punya psl,org lari jumpa ak weh..
mna xnya x cukup tdo..
mlm2 buta ak jd batman siapkn keja umah,pagi2 buta ak jadi zombie la resultnya.
separuh hidup separuh mati.adakah mcm itu?? :P..hak3 the right term is :half conscious:

begitu la nmanya pelajar~

:Monday bLues:

sayu j awal pgi td kn

itu kalau monday~kalau friday mcm mna pula kn??

!Freaky Friday!

enjoy-enjoy lar....

-lepas tension mah :)-

ouhkay ad discussion jap lg,so off i go~
thanx fer reading my SO randomly thoughts

Friday, July 23, 2010


relaxin saturday.

just feelin nice and comfy 
altho i got tons of homeworks,assignments,reports and all...
being such a Lazyboner is somehow GREAT

harharhar...not being lazy la,im somehow in a mode fer a rest,..
surfed lots of animal*cute animals pic ~
and its Cute! nyaaaa~~

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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Hi hi

hello hello~
its kinda been a while since i last blogged,been busy with works and discussions.

So far,im getting used to it :).I just need to work extra fast and FOCUS! thats the word 'fast and focus'.Not hurriedly doing things around,its just that i need to  be fast so i could catch/cope up with the learning process around,AND seriously focusing my mind towards 'whats in the front' actually stay focus in class-that is when the lecturers are giving lectures-and whatever im reading for better revision,understanding and memorizing.

The past few days were 'tiring' MUCH,but im denying it hard -no more sighs- :)

last friday,was "supposedly" a heavenly day~but it turned out to be 1 of my worst day.
As i was "trying" HARD to despite the fact that class was postponed from 10.30am to 3.00pm,another quiz came by saying hiiiiiiiiiiii~and moreover its about entrepreneurship! means -reading a lot- should be something essential to do,but i was pretty much -movie watching- instead.hahaha.So careless me,from 15 overall marks,i got only ----- hahahah! im used to it anyway~but this just hv to stop.I need more and more 'carrying mark'-it'll come in handy later after the finals.

last sat done nothing,just being freeeeeee the whole day~finished undone homeworks and revisions.

The day after(sunday),was enduring the MODULE! a program where we learn to improve basic 'skills'-a person should/shouldnt have.At some point,ive realized that its a good thing our Uni provided this kind of activity.Its more like a preparation to CONFRONT the ''big world''.-and I hv to say that,communication matters A LOT.Im saluting high for this kind of activity!thank you for preparing me to b much like a skilled person-ceh-
siapa la suka kn huhuhu.but to think of a perfect time for a perfect program-only weekends recognizable.
so im pretty much ''just folo the flow'' ~ redha ~

as for Monday~Morning class was cancel,and 'i got time' to finish what are meant to be finished.There was another class in the evening but balik awal cuz,kelas habis awal weehee~but im not technically 'balik',i got meeting later that night sooooo i stayed and stayed and stayed until the clock reached 10.30pm then the meeting ends,reached home around 11.30pm and again i stayed up to finish some works.Next was,I found myself sleepin around 2am~

Tuesday was FUN :D.Had my first koko for this sem.Im in the 'GAMELAN' right now.I was from entrepreneurship previously,its not like i hate being there,i got an 'A' just by being there,so,i just basically wanna try various random things :).lol.So At first,i was pretty much tired,and i really wanted to go home,back there *sniffs but but as i walked in the studio(d gamelan venue),there were lots of 'traditional' instruments  placed around here and there.We were in a group of four were the first to choose which to play *smileeeee.And i got myself playing tht name bad :(,i'll remember it in the next meeting.So it was indeed a 'new friend'.Enjoy some pics :D

a new friend :D
 we're gona b bestfriend !*hopes

its a nice experience to play any instruments(modernize/traditional) and i unexpectedly fell in love with this activity :D.hopefully this feeling of mine last long :)).So after koko,we headed home la apa lagi~AND IT WAS FREAKIN RAINING! 

yesterday Wednesday had a packed schedule~ went to my new law class,and met a DIFFERENT kind of juniors.If last time im more communicated with the lil girls..,now its more with the lil guys and they were a total annoyance :P
~kalau dah pgil ak 'akak' buat la mcm 'akak'~yg ko layan ak mcm ak ni member lamaaa ko a'sal??
~kalau ya pun mau mengurat,mau trip2 'terer' dpn ak,mau tunjukkn yg 'kami x takut senior' adoiii kau slh org laaa budak! ak kesah ap kau tu junior ka senior,kau tu ttp manusia biasa j la,jd ak layan org samaa j weh,seriously laa, regardless jun/sen,but of course i'll respect the seniors more.So u guys better act the same way la siot.
~Bisingg sgt la psl ak merepeat kn,tgk lar aa bbudak cna kmu jwb soalan yg 'bratus2 markah' tu..
uii awein marah kerr...SERIOUSLY tidak...hak3 ak tau drg tu bbudak,words spoken were totally out of their minds and wasnt purposely offending.They were trying to communicate and jokes were something essential la KONON. honestly ak x suka,but basically i dont mind,ak fhm bbudak tu konon.ceh.hak3
just this
''learn your respect.DamN it" :p
Im gladly expecting MY DAYS WITH all of you *smirks 
like Hell laa.apuuuu..ap la mau jadi dgn bbudak skrg ni..dah dah yg pntg ak bljr ikhlas,x kesah la dgn ssiapa pun kn kn kn

hak3 ''pnjg gila kau punya post kali ni wein'' har3,tryin to update u peeps with things ive confronted/ing.Actlly byk lg,and just by writing,i realized 'tHeRe's GOta b moRE to LifE' and SO much MORE.

as For today :),everything seemed's date gona b listed in 1 of my fav day..idk y but everything seems comfy despite the tiredness,stressed and weighted books...thank u god.

huaaaaa off to study :) *winks thanks for reading!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

thank 'you'

Hello,hello :) 
i had my first quiz today,the questions were awesome lol.Answered smoothly-konon la~but still i doubted 'perfect'ness, nothing's perfect ;p hak3 it was a nice flow tho.

I was pretty much stressed before,not only because of the quiz,
there were lots of 'drama' scene here and there,being all tensed up and tired!
+I hv this 'some kind' of a new peep around,sometimes it annoys me just to think of it :(.
+This newly 2nd year is getting heavy and heavier,not only because of educational matters,its also involving physical matters.Its not like im gaining weight,its just that,IM PACKED WITH WEIGHTED BOOKS.So physically im tired much.
+PACKED schedule im enduring 
+all those shifting in classes,waiting and catchin up busses,lif problems,stairs and stairs and stairs....
+theres just so many moreeeee...

it was just too much!
but then,i realized,it wasnt just me.There were lots of other BUSY and much more STRESSED and tired students than me.Students with responsibilities,positions,organization and more..they are much much much much much more busier than me.
and i was nagging up there?? yes i shouldnt be,i should be thankful enuff that i still got time to blog around,i still got time to rest in the afternoon,i had enuff time revising for the quiz and *again so many moreeeee...

:) i realized this when i was talking with 'him' last night.Thinking bout it just eased me up.
i thank 'you'

So i cheerly had a wonderful day today,altho this morning its kinda gloomy,because i slept late,and woke up late and still was sleepy back there,had a bad 'scarf' day lol. and many more,but everything just turned well in the end. 
I even got myself  two new books!- both are pretty much like classic kind of stories that i used to read long time ago~gonna read it on my freeee times weee~ 

hee so that is all for today updates :),i hv some discussion about costing,homeworks to be settle,revisions to be done..and *again many more LOL...

thanks for reading! :) 

Monday, July 12, 2010

quiet times

thats just me,there'll b times where i would just 'silent up' myself,
and there would b times where i would just 'get loud' :).

Huaa so last night,i slept late NOT because of WC.Since i havent buy any reference books for accounting,i was heavily searchin notes  for a quiz im expected to take this morning.There were tons of information and notes optionize as usual,unfortunately idk wTh was i actually reading.It was getting late and obviously i was getting sleepy,so gdnite :P

Then,this morning came up and i was terrified much because of  'less revising', *gulp as i entered the class with some students reading their reference.
I was like 'ouh,so there wud really b a quiz today??' and started praying 
*pls not today*..
Prof. came in,and i was busying my eyes looking thru the things that she brought with her 
* no signs of "paperssss" for us *
i was 'yes!' for a while,and continued praying.
There she went 'are you ready enough if i quiz you today ' i was pretty much ''NOoOoOoooo'' and so were the others,but some did mentioned ''yesssss'' but 'no0o0oo' was above all~ hik3.
So Prof. hd  to agree with the majority voices~and postponed the quiz to this coming thursday :) thank you madam~ THANK YOU GOD. 
p/s: tho,she did bring the papers of the quizzy~ :P.

oh well :)
nothing much happend today :) so im pretty much hv nothing to talk about,or is it just my quiet day~
raawr,im off to study :) *azam bruuu
thanks for reading!


Sunday, July 11, 2010

Falling slowly

Glen Hansard- Falling slowly
got from

I don't know you
But I want you
All the more for that
Words fall through me
And always fool me
And I can't react
And games that never amount
To more than they're meant
Will play themselves out

Take this sinking boat and point it home

We've still got time

Raise your hopeful voice you have a choice
You'll make it now

Falling slowly, eyes that know me

And I can't go back
Moods that take me and erase me
And I'm painted black
You have suffered enough
And warred with yourself
It's time that you won

Take this sinking boat and point it home

We've still got time

Raise your hopeful voice you had a choice
You've made it now
Falling slowly sing your melody
I'll sing along


less than three

hik3,smlm ak mimpi something and i found out that,



and then i read one of nik's post,theres this quote saying

'its about how u value and respect someone 
without expecting things from them in return...'

its the sincere feeling :),no matter how hard youre in denial,its JUST there.
denying it,just saddening more.
Sincerely admit it and just smile without hoping anything in return.

hak3 jiwang,emo-
jp lg kena serang la ni olh member2
oh well im sincere allrite ;)
k DONE! thnx fer reading!

Saturday, July 10, 2010

hope shes okay :(

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Jessica Joseph
im here for u syg :) when u need a friend to cheer up and chit chatting all day long,you noe u can always count on me.


walkin around

har3 last night was NICE :)
went to 'i city' a place where bunch of lightssss scattered around BEAUTIFULLY.Since its ONLY nice when its night,so we hv to visit that place only at NIGHT.Its kinda spooky to walk all the way there at first,altho we're in a group,anything could happen aight?,but as soon as we reached there,the place just FANTASIZED me.Macam kat Alice in Wonderland pun ad jg hak3.

So as we walked along the road/path,lights were shimmering down,explodes,staticly NICE. :) ouh,the place was crowded gila2.Lots of ppl also went there fer pic snapping,strengthen family/friends bonds,and just enjoying the view.

Ouh there were also some stalls for ppl to buy things.InteresTHINGS.Most of the things were somehow related with *lampu* hak3,ddee bought a ball that when it touches anything 'still', with great pressure/impact of throwing it,it'll somehow light up! okay i noe * lame * but CUTE and CUTE for some certain ppl :P,she also bought mickey mouse ears that when you wear it on your head,it'll continuously light up *shing shing* she looked EXTRA cute.Rem bought herself a shirt,a nice one indeed that suitable enough just for her and also BEN10 stuff for her nephew which is kinda 'Cool' too.AS FOR ME,i bought a GUN!!! hak3 a Bubble Gun to be exact! when you *shoot* fuuuuuh the bubbles goes all over the places.Its not CHILDISH i repeat NOT childish.ITS FUN! :P the view of bubbles flowing out here and there just 'MESMERIZING'.Murah j pun,so ak beli la tuk kepuasan hati yg dari dlu lg seeking for that kind of stuff :) weeee~luv it luv it luv it~ dtg rumah ak,ak smbut kmu2 dengan bubble2 aa~ hak3
Basically its just some common things that you can find it in some funfair/toyshop.Generally,yes its for kids,but some of  it does mentioned 3/5 yrs old and- ABOVE - so im much eligible.:P i just wanna experience toys that didnt exist long time ago in my younger age :) or toys that much modernized that could be worth trying 1 for fun. So mind me,i love those things :P.

okie back to where we were at, last night LOL
hak3so we've taken pics here and there,done much randomized stuffs,sightseeing a lot of lightness around,..
its just something that i couldnt possibly forget :) thank you for bringing me around peeps~im grateful to hv u guys around showing some fun and happiness-exactly on a time where i need 'shoulders' to b with-

oh my GOD,have fun,have fun juga~ASSIGNMENT KEJA RUMA PBL DUIT!!! hak3 insyAllah diselesaikn stu/stu,pelan2 and steady following the flow of LIFE jgn risau la,i hv it all under control-kununnnn-
as i was about to take a shower just now,housemate bawa makaaaan pula :) rezeki boss sedap2 lg tu,ap lg.hik3 so i just had my lunch with housemates :),drg rajin mmsk and sedap slalu thnxxx kmu hik3
so im up for studying right nw,i'll update blog again later on kay~

bah! thanks for reading :)

p/s:here are some pics of icity and i dont own these pics,got it from the net :)-dont ask bout mine :P- just to actlly let u guys know how i city is :) 

theres actually more of these,but i prefer if you guys go ahead and take a look by yerself :) it'll b wayyyy beautiful ;)*wink

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Class baruu :)

entered the new class ive mentioned before.
and everything turned up well :)
we did came in peace,and we made peace Yay :D
its an okey'ish class,simply simple just the way i wanted it to.

highlights of the day:
+Clash of the classes!
+Hi again PROF

Clash of the classes!
Hik3,so KP registered me to be in H group kan,where thered b no problem in 'schedule' with the law class im repeating.Too bad, there WAS a problem.While i was busy managing my registration,so that the group im entering will be no clashes with the group im repeatin- by observing their schedule displayed at level 11,
H group hd already made some changes to their schedule.Which was obviously differ with the schedule displayed,which im too late to tell that i couldnt be attending the class that they've made changes because i have law class to catch :(.my bad.huk3
Luckily,theres another Law class that doesnt clash :),weeee..but i doubted the availability.I was praying hard so that thered be a space for me in that class :| VERY HARD.
and guess what :),THERE WAS a space for me~so i again successfully registered myself in a new class for Law so that thered be no problem with the schedule of H group.
Alhamdulillah.Fuhh ak bdoa,supaya lepas ni,tiada la lagi mslh clash2 ni.Amin.

Hi again PROF
So as i comfortably sat in the class for my accountant subject to start,i was eagerly waiting for the lecturer.hee~Who could be teachin this class for accounting subject?? hee..guessy guessy~
its my PREVIOUS LECTURER...*speechless*
and it turned out to be im the only 1 that was on her previous lecture.So there she went,repeating my name again n again.Oh well hik3,gonna Stay Focus on her class! thats my aim,if ada soalan,direct tanya! thnx nikki cuz ajar sikit2 td tym ak a lil bit lost.hik3.Yang ak suka ttng lecturer ni,dy suka bagi 'rehat' ngehehe tym rehat tu la ak akn sibukkn diri untuk catch up pkra yg dy ajr b4/or i can just rest my sleepy head :P..hee

other classes were fine and going smooth~but Finance 330 td,agak Fast 4ward la..huk3 Focus awein Focus.InsyAllah blh carry out :).

haaaaa finished talking bout today classes :)~
ak pun pnt pula keja lg perlu disettlekn
itu j la update kli ni hik3~yg penting ak sgt bpuas hati la hari ini.~

thnx for reading!


Life Quote Pictures, Images and Photos

hv a lyf that u're worth LIVING for.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010


yes peeps!im once again EXCITEY!

happily settled my registration,and SUCCESSFULLY registered new classes with kumpulan 1Borneo!
hak3 ak sayang dgn kamu!
fuh!what a long day..WEEK! finally im into STUDYING mode again! yay..
Syukur Alhamdulillah

but still ak dgn yg lain blm menjejak kn kaki ke kelas tersebut,dan besok merupakan hari yang plg sesuai :).Ak harap pljr2 kelas H dpt menerima kehadiran kami bsk yaa,we come in peace~hee
dsini ak ttba pula mau mgucapkan rasa berterima kasih kepada KP-our program coordinator,kerana tlh menyatukan kmi s'1B bersama2 d kelas H,hee thank you Madam :)

yess its been a long day :(,been going here and there,busy gila2,but now im quite relax and relief MUCH! i can continue my "azam baru" to study calmly.

Lol so actually,theres still more of this 'gumbira',hik3,bbrp hari dlm first week ni,ak tjumpa2 Exclassmates and some members la kn,and kebanyakan komen drg tntg ak ''awein dh mkin kurus!'' OMG! Syukur,tercapai juga slh satu azam untuk year ni! hak3 lawak eh,mau ckp ak diet,x juga,ak mkn mcm biasa ja :(..
Ohh ak igt dh! hr tu ak ad sakit slma 2 minggu,org ckp,kalau org sakit2 ni,biasanya turun brt bdn,haa psl hal ni la kot,xda selera hik3 okey2 skrg kena maintain la jgn mkn tlebiy2 pula kn :) yess!

Other than those,hmm
Ouh,today i went for my LAW class,a class where im studying with the juniors.Hik3,drg sgt comel2.Terkenang2 pula tym2 ak dlu kn,lebih kurang j.Terkejut jg muka drg tgk ak,blank2,semua dlm keadaan ''?''.Ak pun layan j la soalan dorang stu/stu.Best pula kih3.Otai la sgt-konon-.kah3.LOL,i like having underlings :),tadi ad sorg tu,dy pgil ak 'kakak awin',waah sedap pula dgr kn hik3,mau dgr adik ak sebut perkataan 'kakak' tu konfomla 'X AKAN',jd bila ada adik2 junior ni best sikit hik3.Im hoping to have a lovely sem with you lil peeps :).

hee tu j la update tbaru recently heee..
im slowly accepting my life of how its going to b 
just gona folo the flow and stay cheered,asal jgn lupa TUHAN,everything will be just fine then

thanx for reading! :).

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Brand NEW

huaaaa last monday was the start of the new semester for me :)
The first day is always a FUN day.Yups,get to meet old/new friends,how we get to non stop chit/chatting about holidays and stuffs.Its unexplainable. *wink

But as the first day started,there could be lot of problems that should b encountered.Again for this sem,its about registration.Yup peeps,supposely,there shouldnt be ANY problem at all for me,and i thought i would just follow the flow of the classes ive registered.But it turned out to be something complicated.Im getting more and more tired :(.geraaaaam.Kelas yg ak register tu pelik sikit hik3.

huk3,tp harap2,InsyAllah everything would just turned out to be normal soon.Sekejap ja ni,plan ak esok,awal pagi tu,naik tgkt 12,buka j kaunter,cakap yg kelas baru yg ak mau register ni sdh penuh,hrp2 la drg blh tlg registerkan,sbb ak tgk ad kelas tu,dh MAXimum pun blh j masuk lg,msti kaunter2 tu tolong kn.InsyAllah.amin.

Yala,ak pun mau start a normal studying mode kan,x best la.Sdh ak semangat2 mau belajar *azam baru la konon kn,tetiba Kelas tu ad problem lg.Aih kacau bilau ak dibuatnya.

Anyway,tym ak busy2 stress2 urus psl kelas tu kn,'mum' ak kol pula,dy mcm tau2 j ak ni ad prob,ak bgtau la dy stu2 prob ak.Then there went all the advices,motivational words,spirits and stuffs to keep me going ON!
hak3 yup,ini semua dugaan la org katakn,COBAAN baa.Yup,everything that happened,happened for a reason.Fuhhh will just keep smiling like how i posted before about being cheered and all lol.
Gona keep reminding myself about that.Stay positive and cOoooooooL...Wajib itu cool *wink.

So oh,how i just realized that,its been a while since i last blogged :p.Been BUSY la org ckp.HAk3,Nothing much,ive been going out here and there this past few days,balik2 rumah j terus landing! tidoooo.Handphone pun kdg2 x t'cas,org msg pun kdg2 x sedar,updates d fb pun x t'ikut,kredit pun expired2 da,..
So agak ''malas'' untuk melakukn semua itu ketika diri tidak sbegitu stabil DARI SEGI fizikal bukan MENTAL.i repeat not mentally unstabilized.

tho i hv to say sorry to jessica joseph.Im very2 sorry babe,sbb x tlyn msg2 ko,krdt sdh expired ni,ak mau top up pun,kena bujet2 sbb ak ad buku2 yg MHL2 perlu dibeli.huk3 Sandih ni jess,if youre someway reading this,i want u to know that,as soon as my prob settle down a lil bit,i'll contact you ASAP,i mean it.ASAP.Aku btl2 hrp ko fhm :).Tp ak tau jessica ni,dy kwn dgn ak mau dkt 8 tahun ba, EVEN IF I DIDNT TELL HER what is actually im going thru,mesti dy fhm ak punya,Kami ni kira Understanding la ba towards each other.Thats y i love you jessica joseph (mesti ko terharu kn) ahahahaha.

Okey2 stop being all this sentimental and stuffs,ak blm solat asar lg! huk3,dh la prob btimbun2,x solat2 lg,konfom la x Im goin now :) i'll update this bloggy soon after im done with the problems im confronting gah!

ap2 pun hidup mesti KUAT! kekekeke

thanx for reading !

Friday, July 2, 2010

its okie

Slowly fading