Wednesday, December 15, 2010

cream spaghetti

wah wah wah :D

last night stayed up to watch the "goguma couple" - some Korean Tv program.
and they were cooking  !!
because of that,i was pretty sure my stomach went roaring and grumbling like A LOT.

so anyway, they mentioned about 'cream spaghetti'..
right...they cooked it and it looked extremely delicious!
man..with all the cheese and seafood seasoning...
it visited my dream-FOR REAL!

i bet its tasty

rawr,so the next day ( today),im so determined in making one!
but i was lacking of many...lemme repeat,MANY ingredients and stuffs :p
trying to act like a pro( and im obviously not )
-the main thing was just to make it creeeeaamyyyy...

LOL me
so i have this mushroom cream lol,i kinda exchange it with the cheese and  i added an egg to make it look moe concentrated.Add other stuffs like tomatoes and some seasoning
it look more creamier than the above pic :).
tho i forgot to take a pic of that spaghetti ive already cooked :(. My bad.

it kinda looked like this
dont laugh peeps,it taasted Good....and i was content.

nyahaha so its kinda more like a 'mushroom cream spaghetti' rather than the seafood taste mentioned

thanks reading!

p/s: oh <3ing spaghetti moe~


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