Sunday, December 12, 2010

Did anyone you love die this year?

em,.nope i gess none :|


the word 'die' kinda reminded me of those two lovely hamster

dear Tora died last year,its kinda somewhere around the december month.
little Shou died somewhere around april this year.
So literally-the question above reminded me of them :(.

When i said dear Tora died around this month,its kinda like 
'a remembrance' for a year of her death :(.
 thinking bout it -just make me kinda wanna cry..*sniffs but nah not going to :p
anyway ive blogged about Tora's death long time ago,

my past blog
it was kinda one of my sad moments.
just To think about
how she tried and struggled to live when she's actually suffering
how i  prayed that she was just having a temporarily pain and would be fine the next day
how i love her cute and funny moments..
rawr! making me so much  :(  

i love you dearest.

talking bout little shou :)
Shes the cheerful one~upon buying her,i remembered how one of her comrade bit me :p.damn it.i was bleeeeeding...blood just came out and out..that comrade of her bit me really Deeeeeeeeeep.Seriously,they were like 'Dont take Shou away!'..
aah i dont give a damn! lol
on the day she passed away,i was busy with my study week at Shah Alam ,and i wasnt notified of it.Mum said its better not to 'unFocus' me lah konon kan.
well ive to agree-study week those time were much 'Worser'.
anyway,my sis did her best to make little Shou comfy.
but she cant dwell with fate that ..
i miss her..

:) i love them~both of them lasted with us fer like more than 1 year :) it was really kinda like their old days back then.Its fun seeing them growing up~ lol now their like my kids? ahahah nahhhh
tho i do consider them as my family.

so theyre not just 'anyone'.. :)

thanks fer reading!


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