Wednesday, June 30, 2010

July,do Surprise me!

Huaaaa so i just got back here @ Shah Alam last tuesday with ddee.
so yesterday,we went jln2 la :) seeking stuffs needed for the newly 2nd year at UiTM.
We went to Subang Parade :) and there were lots of shoesssss on sale.Gahh beautiful sights! lol.

Oh before that,we met Sarah :) a friend of ours,working in a food court@Carrefour. Thnx fer the meal sayang~ love it :).She got work to do after that,so we didnt get to hangout together.So all the shopping was just me and dee,but Sarah did bought herself some shoes.*wink.

So,me and dee went round and round at Subang Parade,nothing much really,just sightseeing new stuffs that could be worth buying :).

In the end,i got myself a new watch and other stuffs,but the watch excites me more,lol,cuz i think its freakin nice :),just suitable enuff for me ~ dDee got herself a pair of new shoes.
Both of us were seeking bags actually,but none favoured us,tho there were 1,that look pretty nice,but just not me type?,idk,that'll be my last pick if i couldnt find 1 sooner. 
anyway,heres some pics we've taken :)

argh the yup i still have this swelly eyes of mine.Covering it hard as much as i could.But i think its getting less from day to day,InsyAllah,amin.

So that was about yesterday hee :)
Now,im getting ready for another outing with dee at Timesquare.Wanna watch Knight and day.Today is gona be movie watchin,weeee..gona search some stuffs too :).
Hope everything would turned out to b a fun day :)

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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Hello Shah Alam

YEPS! made it back here at Shah Alam yesterday.
 Like ive mentioned before,my flight was kinda in the morning,so i hd to wake up early and prepared things and stuffs needed for the journey(waah journey pula).

:Airport @ Sabah:
Met dDee,we checked in together.Right after that was a farewell to my beloved.
So my mum was there together with my sissies,watchin me flew away leaving them with their unfinish business.As usual all the hugsandkisses done,goodbyes done,advices from my mum done...
all left were greeting KL :).

:During the flight:
Me and dDee didnt get to sit together(idky),so im sharing seats with unknown peeps.Oh,since i slept around 2am the night before my flight.I was pretty sure im wayyyy sleepy.So there i went and had my seat with a lovely young girl on my right,and a 'guy' on my left,yes i got myself in the middle!damn,i didnt wish for it.Right after i fasten up my belt,i directly went to the 'dreamyland' even when others were still busy'ing putting their 'things' here and there.

UNFORTUNATELY,the 'guy' i mentioned before,yes him the one seated on my left,were trying to make a 'friendly' conversation-NOT-Mannn i need some sleep,talk with other peeps will ya?-NOT-.let me describe him,he's around 25-35 yrs old,tanned skin,'soldier type' of hairdo,with big sunglasses(oh i was wearing 1 too,OMGOD).So as i was trying to sleep,there he went

'jgn kau tidur ba'
i was like,
After a few minutes,as the flight was about to depart,there were this mist here and there inside,
'Uiii mau terbakar ni kapal terbang' he went jokingly
and i was like,
okay,i wasnt being 'unfriendly' i was just very sleepy that i hd no intention to hv a conversation.He realized that i was sleepy,so he should understand my condition, that i need just some peaceful journey.
So as the plane flew,i was pretty much sleeping,and suddenly
*a light poke on my arms*
'Uii ko mau chocolate ka?'again he spoke~
and i was like,trying to be a 'berbudi bahasa' person
shooked my head and just smileeee....and continue my sleep.
BUT again he went asking this and that..
'Kenapa x mau?' he was referring to the chocolate,
'kenapa kau tidur saja ni??'
'kau tengok bola ka semalam??'
OMG lol there were lots of questions really,but seriously i just need some sleep back there.
trying not to be an arrogant person,i did answer some of his questions,but just some simple 1.
He was a nice person actually,but honestly i rlly want to sleep :(.

:Airport @ KL and the cab journey to Shah Alam:
Hello Kuala Lumpur,it was about 1.15pm,waited for our luggage,and took a cab.Ouh that cab!.Gah, i didnt rlly get this 'peaceful' journey during the flight,so i wish to at least 'SLEEP' on my way to Shah Alam.Hahahaha how i wished.The cab we took,got some 'Conversations' between them (the drivers) and their machine of communicating,was beeping continously second after second.Yaa you know,how taxi drivers communicate with their radio machine.Gah i found it very annoying and haa there goes my very own wish.
Oh well no offends.

Next was Hello Shah Alam...
im back! missed my 2nd home( i did?),
i just cant wait fer the 'new season' of our days in IPT.hak3.
and finally i get to sleep.
rest to be exact ;P.

So that was the journey of a so told, Azureen Julian needs some rest.

Monday, June 28, 2010

a Warm welcome and im freakin tired!

gawsh! im sooooooo sleepy...
im seriously tired with the non stop 'OUTING' with the 'girls of my family'.It was since last friday,we were continously managing things and stuffs.GOD,it was perfectly freakin me out.With my 'so swelly' eyes,*again,ive got to wear sunglassy every here and there.Fuh,theres nothing much to share about..

tho,There were lots of student talking bout their entrance in IPT.Ah how nostalgic,to see them busied,with the bank management process(ive went to the bank mostly),how they suddenly met their friends and were heavily talking bout other friends entrance (which Uni they got in etc.) and how their parents were together with them,tagging along just to see how their child have grown up(well thats how i basically think).Get to brag about 'how i used to be in your place' LOL.nahh im proud to actlly see students taking seriously bout their futher studies.Tho im not quite sure of their 'own' purposes,its just something that i would get excitey about.How suddenly 'youre a grown up' now,and the word 'independent' should be essential soon and how it was exciting to see from a much wider window of how the world really is and going to b.

Im wishin all the juniors a warm welcome to their 'another stage' of growing up.

LOL macam la ak ni senior sangat kn.hak3,x salah kn to just express whats goin thru my mind :p.Hee basically im a lot of a grown up now,(ya think?) lol 'on the way' to be exact.Im pretty glad to help any of the newbies around.Just talk to me baby~ ouh...nt funny.ok get it.Just dont hesitate to ask, lil one.aww..thats much better ;).

so anyway,talking bout this new students, it just excited me up,now im done talking bout them,so im back sigh'ing TIREDness.ughhhaaaaa.....Its gonna be 12am soon,and im still nt done with 'packing'.Yup peeps,tomorrow i'll be flying back to Shah Alam.Goodbyeadios Kota Kinabalu gona miss you MUCH!.

Cant wait for the 3rd season(wah mcm drama2 pula) of my IPT days to start. wuhuuuu.IVE LEARNT A LOT from my first year in IPT,and im pretty sure,im not gona repeat 'any' mistakes that ive done before in this NEWLY 2nd year.NO MORE slacking around! because im targeting HIGH! high much to redeem myself of the past results that pretty much JUST okey'ish.(Still im thankful)

I promise 'you' that i'll get a better result.

So since im flying tomorrow,i cooked 'DADIH'  for my family ;) too bad my brother wasnt around.Oh well,the dadih tastedddddddd like .......... HAHAHA korg faham2 la ea.It was a 'nice try' tho HUk3...

pfft just some dadih la wein,u've cooked a lot of successful varied dish before ;p
hee ive learnt a lot of cooking recipe,mau jd bini org,kena la pndai mmsk. kn kn kn.
and i'll keep on learning mummy'o,dont you worry :).

Highlights of the days spent during holiday at Sabah:
~FANN reunion (1B-Tg Aru Beach)+Nav's birthday
~Movie watching (LBS,Karate Kid,Nightmare of elm street,Toy Story 3)
~Birthday wishes!
~A date with my Gilafren Jessica Joseph
~Movie watchin at lappy with my sissies
~Supernatural !
~Days spent with 'Nenek' and my cuzzy 'fatin'
~Trip to the clinic with Daddy'o fer like 3-5 times.
~Non stop outing with the 'girls of my family'

hee,well my holiday still aint finish la,i got a week more to be holiday'ing at KL wuuuhuu

guessy guessy....
IM TIRED,but theres still so much to talk about,guh,..
oh well,guess im gona continue packing up.I hv to wake up early.need to catch a flight remember? :)
so hurry up pack and hurry up sleep!

goodnite peeps,wish me a pleasant flight tomorrow~


thanks for reading!

Friday, June 25, 2010

Antibiotic lagiii

fuuh today was a LONG day...

Followed my mum,managing my sissies stuffs for UPU.Went to the bank,paid Ipt fees,shopping for things needed,and done Medical check up for my sissies.

I was just tagging along,because im not the one thts gettin registered this 3rd/4th july :).Altho im not the 'main' character today,there were some stuffs i ought to settle too,and it didnt turned out well :P.

Oh well,anyway,i actually prefer much to JUST stay home,since 'my eyes' went 'swelly' for no reason and no 'make up' wud magically remove it~
But,since 1 of the plan was taking the girls to the clinic for their check up,so i was suggestedly to join in and find out whats wrong with my eyes :(.

There i went getting my self another type of antibiotic.
gah.I dislike medicine but disliking sunglasses is above all!
Yes,to cover tht 'so Swelly' eyes of mine,ive got to wear sunglassy the whole time of our outing today.
Seriously,some ppl said,wearing sunglasses wud make ppl look like they were some sort of fashionistas icon,but but i dont think that way :s.So it was pretty much like a bother to me :p.
Seeing all darkish and deepen light ;p was so um..oh well~no offends~

so in order not to wear sunglasses much,im gona get use in eatin antibiotic then.

Heih dah la antibiotic tuk sakit hr tu blm habis2 lg,dtg lg sjenis antibiotic baru.
Kalau ak da sihat,x pyh la mkn lg kn? 'Kena bg habis tu!' mama ak bgtau dgn tegasnya.
seyesly,ak slalu x bg hbis hik3..
tp kali ni,demi mata kesayangan ak pny psl,kena la juga bg habis antibiotic yg diberi.
ak sayang kau mata!

:suka atau x,Senyum itu MESTI:

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Another same day

my Sis went out today,leaving me kinda all alone in the room :(
:the red bear represents me:
oh well,im fine somehow.
Done pretty much nothing today :(.
I could be going out with 'someone' today,but since theres too much chores left,i ought to stay and finish it.That 'pretty' assistant above (in the pic) aint no where around !.Done it all alone :(,huhu,well my big sis did help 'a bit' but this should be that assistant's job!

Oh well,its nothing much really.
Highlight of the day was just movie watching :)
Watched Date night,a so-so 1,kinda just okey'ish fer me.

Other than that,ive been surfing bunch of 'surveys'.Im thinking of sharing some of it here,but none favours/interest me.But hey,i would be posting bout it,if there is 1 later.

Oh,i changed my blog's song.The song reminded me of' .OKAY stop.Not talking bout it :)

Oh im following the 'Miao and Wafu Pafu' story and i wonder if a sequel of yesterday story is out.hmm gona check it out somehow.
'i love cute things' lovers  peeps,make sure not to miss this site :)

Tuesday, June 22, 2010


.today was just me being lazy in my room.

:the red bear represents me:

.dont b like 1,like seriously.

stay cheered

Life Quote Pictures, Images and Photos

Its about being all postive and just feeling nice
no matter how many hardships youre enduring ,i believe a little smile would just someway ease your feeling.

So right after im all into being positive and smiled my way back at the kitchen,my dad came and threw some 'high volume' voices of his at me (he got mad at something that i shouldnt be doing :(.my bad.).-theres no need to yell tho- :(,so yaa i was damn mad about it,but then 'hey,i thot ure just gona take 'everything' positively'.So,i just need to build this patience-there i went 'breath in/out' and treated wht just happened to be something that i could be laughing at when im fully grown up later on.

anything thats coming,im gonna make sure im prepared.
to be just 'steady/calm/cheered/positive'
ANY hardships im expecting should not be a problem then
just remember that

'everything happened for a reason'

a reason that sooner/later we'll find out

thnx for reading!

Monday, June 21, 2010

so much for yesterday daddy's day

Ouh,yesterday was father's day .

I've done nothing :( . I thought i cud wake up early,and make him something for breakfast,but but,when i woke up,my dad had already taken his breakfast,and was getting ready to go to Tambunan too.So i thought of how 'just by wishing him' could be sufficient enough,but another idea just popped.

His returning from Tambunan,was also on the same day which was later in the evening,so since my omma promised to bring us out,i could actually buy some stuffs and prepare for a surprise daddy's day celebration.So i silently watched my dad left to Tambunan that morning.Smilingly.

After he left,i admit that it was still early in the morning,and im someway still sleepy,so i lay myself down on a sofa in the living room,where i watched my dad left,but i din plan to sleep.So,as i waited for my mum to tell us to 'get ready we're going out',i was planning carefully in my mind how the surprise celebration would be,and would later then discuss with the others.

Unfortunately,i let myself went to the 'dreamyland'(i fell asleep) and someway made my mum 'reconfigure' her plans for the day.So,guess what,there was no shopping.The reason my mum pointed was 'you guys(me and my sissies) were pretty much MORE to sleeping'.Ugh,that was the Damn of sleeping SO late and waking up VERY late.Im not the type to 'argue' something,especially when its mum im arguing with,so i pretty much silent up and made my face went 'gloomy'.

Mission 1:buying stuffs in preparing daddy's day celebration.*failed*

There was still hope i thought.Who knows,if my mum would be reconfiguring her plans 'again' later before dad's return.So while waiting for that 'hope' to happen,i watched 'supernatural' :) 'Dean i love you' LOL.

That afternoon, suddenly another 'sad' event occurred,Which im not telling, sorry for the 'suspense mode' and again made my face Awfully gloomy.I was pretty messed up at tht moment.All the daddy's day plan went missing just like that.
Good news: my mum did reconfigure her plans and she went out.
Not so good news was: I was showing no interest to join in.(you bet!)

so there i went being the drama queen of the day in the family.
My dad returned along with my mum that evening,so even if i followed my mum out before,i wouldn't hv much time to prepare fer the surprise.

Mission2:Surprise daddy's day celebration *failed*

Being all gloomy and dramatic made me sleep and sleep and sleep.Up till dinner,i was still in my room,being 'leave me alone' mode.My lappy was on,so as my FB,suddenly Jessica buzzed up the window chat, and someway feelin the same 'sad' mode.We were such tears back then *sniffs sniffs*.Giving advices and comforting each other was the nicest thing happened yesterday.Thats why i love you Jessica Joseph.*hugs*.But honestly i din get to spend much time with her thru the net that night,my mum wanted me to at least eat something,so i hd to leave her.She wasn't there when im back.I waited but she din come back,well she did but only for a while,and that was when i fell asleep(sleepyhead).Missed her.Seriously up till now,i can feel her sadness around,shes trying her best to stay strong..

As for today
My 'sad' problem kinda solved this morning and im someway calmed,but im kinda worried with Jcka's condition,she's very fragile inside.Shes at the library r8 now,trying not to think much about it.So here i am,waiting for her to come online and have a chat.Trying to be there for her just like she's always there for me.Somehow im feeling guilty cause there were times that i didn't get to hear her fully.* And im wayyyyy sorry for that sayang :(.

so yesterday was pretty much like 1 of my worst day.

but theres this song and some of the lyric were 
'there's always a day,a way'
hee a very old song.
Enough to keep me alive.
NICE DAY Pictures, Images and Photos

To ayah Happy Bapa day,sorry for not having anything done,it just seems too much for a day,but i promise,i wont waste anything that youve given to me.I'll work my ass up till you can proudly say to the world 'she's my daughter'.'Thats my girl'.In my own imagination in our bahasa word it'll be something like 'Anak saya ba itu'.
yes,i will 1 day make u say that. InsyAllah.
he 'hearts' golf <3

As for jessica,i'll b pretty much waiting :) for her lively condition as what she used to be like.

friends quote Pictures, Images and Photos

Thnx for reading ;)!

Saturday, June 19, 2010

really broken?

if your heart was broken you'd be dead Pictures, Images and Photos

haa ambi.
ak lum mati lg daaa~
so i'll shut :| _no moe emo words coming out frm me_

a date with Nobita

currently listening: Berhenti berharap-SO7

Awesome day!
Went out with my dearest Nobita! ahaha,its kinda like a celebration for her-she managed to get her ass in UPSI ! way to go girl ;).

So the day spent by watchin...


  Its a nice 1.WORTH it. I 'suddenly' LOVE you Woody!
somehow reminded me,of old toys of mine,is there any of you around?gawsh,its sux.I actlly ABANDONED them.Haha its nothing rlly :) basically,its all about how you valued them, the sentimental value should be somewhere around,its a must ;).The ending almost made me go 'uwaaa' :((warning:Spoiler!) the departing was so touching,the way Andy described how Woody would always be there for him,damn,that striked me badly!.hu3 seriously its a nice one.Im planning to watch it again tomorrow,in 3D with my sissies,after shoppin with omma.Hope she'll let us,and drop us @ Suria. *prays. lol

Oh,the TS3 was around 4pm,so while waiting,we went for lunch.Nav finally gets to eat MCD! FANN do b happy with this news! shes been craving fer it!lol :)

Next was meeting 'pasangan bego' ahahaha, rilek Remmy(imysm!),yup,she went out with her Brundun :P(perampas remmy!) ahaha i luv those two.A very sweet and innocent couple.They bought gifts for friends and their dads! Rem bought a belt fer her dad.Cool.and i bought......did i buy anything?damn.Guess this calls for tomorrow SPECIAL breakfast!heee wht should i cook before he goes Tambunan.i'll think of something 2night.

DAMN! i just spilled STRAWBERRY MILK,my god!now,i smell like STRAWBERRY! (that sounds familiar?)-Latso TS3! damn its the SAME! lol.

ah back to today occasion, other than meeting the couple,we also met HANIES ZULEIKHA! our Muhyank! the eldest in Fann! shes with her BF dang~they look MATCHin! ;),yupp niesh cant rlly join us at first,bcuz she got shifting to do in the morning,and that evening she hd to meet him :),so of course la me and nav understands her desire to have a date with her BF ;),and we were happy for her,because she lookd awesomely HAPPY too :) love you sayang,treasure him much aights ;).

we even met some old school friends :) ah how nostalgic :(.

and end :P

The next meeting,id like to hv an outing with nies,nav,and jcka :)!
since holidays gona end soon,im Striking movies a lot with tersayang d Kota Kinabalu.
oh im planning to meet dd and the others too :(,wana chit chat some stuffs lol.

okie i talkd gettin sleepy pula.*rubbin eyes+yawn*
oh well
tata peeps.thnx 4 reading :D!

2mrw FATHER's DAY(Such an Important 1,Freak!)
lol Me. 2205.19/06/2010
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Friday, June 18, 2010


Love Quote and Cute Quote Pictures, Images and Photos


 Har3 td time2 ak sibuk surfing random Pictures at Photobucket,
ak terlihat 'quote' ni,Haa terus ak t'ingatkan s'org kwn ak ni.
tp 'kisah' kwn ak tu,xpyh la cerita2 kat sini,
dari quote ni j pun,ak rsa u guys wud understand it.

Friend Quote Pictures, Images and Photos

kesian pula ak dgn kwn ak tu,jadi ak mau dy igt quote ni btl2.


Thursday, June 17, 2010


Yay to NAV weeeeeee~
huahuahua..she is pretty happy r8 nw,and im happy for her too.Shes been talking bout it,everytime we went out.This calls for a CELEBRATION babe!
Lets watch movie tomorrow!
she's a lil too HAPPY

as for my lil sis :)
YAY her! she got UNIMAS,em..its not like i dont like shes being there,it just that,i wish she could be with me at UITM.Oh well,i guess,she likes to be among her 'Sarawak'ian' friends.I kinda miss my Srwk'ian friends too :(.She was very shocked ya noe' suddenly excited and turned insomnatic.LOl

She got herself in Art course,and somehow,i kinda,'jealous'.I wish i could b too.Oh well :P
My big Sis too got herself into UMS :D,yay her...
and suddenly,every1 are talking bout register,college,fees and stuffs :P
even Jessica,this coming wednesday wud b registering herself @ Politeknik.
me?just need to register classes ja :),oh i do hv to pay the ipt fees :P
lol.Someway,im just happy seeing ppl continuing their studies.
Hope theyre ready for the STRESSES of all the assignments,presentations,NEW People, and LOTs more..
ahahah it'll be fun ;) grab it positively aights
oh and Hv fun Orientation week nyahahaha(early morning-schedule-Shoutings-Hurry2)
hak3,you guys will be superbly Tired! lol,naah its gona be exciting ;)

PREPARE yersef peeps!

firSt post!

yups peeps im back bloggin! 

Its a WHOLE new thing around,gona miss the old 1 tho.Anyway,do 'dont mind' my other past blogs,some..are just meant to b 'just like that',so if 'anywho' of u,come/came across it,do remember that 'i do mind' if ure someway gona ask for it :) so better 'mind me'.Eitherway 'just dont ask',walk by,pass by,come by,sure,do anything u want but seriously im not answering any questions about any of the past blogs of mine.Sorry past followers,like ive said,its a whole new thing.IDEA just popped! its just..someway aint related with the past,so i really dont think i shud be 'combining' it.Its a cool thing tho,that it could be just some random 'memories' in my mind.In conclusion,ive got nothing to comment bout my past bloggies.Deal with it,u dont?then just dont bcuz u dont rlly understand 'whats past,remain past' do strike 4ward and dont ask y.Sooner or sooner(*wink) u'll get it.

Okie finish explaining bout tht,so next is the 'NEW' thing? lol obviously blogspot itself got a new 'design' thingy,proud of it (tHumbs UP).Basically, im just gona talk(*type) about things/stuffs im interested with,about the surrounding on how us peeps been living,experiencing,learning and all(slices of life),something that made me 'uwaa,wow,yaaa?!'(<--- these R dramatize*wink.explained the blog name?yes.good) lol,and just some random thoughts that id like to voice out,opiniate(*opinion) something/stuffs.Its may sound someway similar with what ive been bloggin before,but trust me it'll 'dramatically'/slightly Different.

okay Done with tht part,Next is 'HOW'.questioned?..
its actlly how i write/type out things here :),soooo as u peeps can see/read from the top till down here,some of the words may sound 'not right' u might even sey 'learn ur vocab girl!',eheh..seriously I AM LEARNING.Most of my words would be 'dramatically'(again) 'terrible,YUX,ughhh,xSPELLINGx' but im seriously learning.I write out things of whats running in my head,later then i'll check fer mistakes(mistakes=i believe,it helps a lot),and if i dont find 1,means i wud find 1 later in the future,because i seriously want to improve.(help me?).okie.Oh Im a Malaysian(again,PROUD of it),so i might be writing things  in 'bahasa' sometimes.The 'short form' of my words,ehe..some might find it annoyin(annoying,i just forgot the 'g'),um..but it kinda ease me up,.but i respect 'readers' so, i wud(would) extra try to not to 'short form' words that shudnt(shouldnt) be,but if i do,again,i seek forgiveness. :(.Pictures and vids,yes i love them,i would b uploading it here and there too :). i would be updating the blog anytime!it may be daily,weekly,monthly or,i gess im done this part :) NEXT.oh 1 thing,i like 'smiley :)' oh and the highlights !

So next would be,'describing the blog?'
the ROBO thingy,ahaha its lookin nice aight ;)not reallly?much cartoonized?oh,i like cartoon :) wud tht explained y? yes i hope.Purple'ish layers,i dont know,it just goes well with the background :).
The 'to do to be to HAVE' is actlly reality things that i cudnt just 'evade/prevent'. it just HAPPEN.
WHTT SNSD??since when AWEIN ?!(<-- to peeps tht doesnt noe my name,its awein :)) oh ive been kpop lover fer such a long time,and then i stop,and then im into it back again,but not tht 'INTO it' like how i used to.
goin moderate.bein cool.

Okayyyy im DONE with my first post!.
So enjoy or not enjoying my blog is something that i shouldnt messed up with u guys,i respect ppl opinions/comments,compliments are much acceptable,critics/shit/crap wud b somewhere that i would store for 'maintenance'.
until then,i'll stay peace and smile.Thank you for reading.

oh oh!someway i would like to 'thank you' to these people fer helping me up gaining 
'a new day'