Wednesday, February 8, 2012



im currently watching this one reality show and damn its awesome!


tho im not that good at singing,
its nice to actually be entertained with beautiful performances,lovely voices and most of all SINCERE AND HONEST feelings they're expressing just by singing...
other reality shows too (xfactor,American idol,so you think you can dance,etc) in terms of their contestants, theyre very amazing..  

but i dont know why im not attracted with local shows.. 
no offence..they are very talented as well..
its just that, im not touched as how im touched seeing international singers..
not all of them tho, some do get my counts (Hafiz, Salmah, Jac and others)

i support our local industry seriously, but somehow someway i want them to improve badddly
idk im not someone to judge..
its just that 
you're very talented you have the voice you own the stage but...
it just didnt hit me and i wasnt 'wowwww'struck...

some would say oh boo you, pegi la luar negara, ko nyanyi la cb try mcm mana ssh senang..
hahaha its a damn hard thing i know :p 
they can do it,so can you
they've achieved such levels, why cant you

idontknow..its like i cant sense sincereness when they're performing,
its like 'i want this sO bad but Not SOOO bad'?
idk,its like 'ive tried my best' but not really towards expressing their talents to MESMERIZE us audience , its more of like...'rate me up rate me up' up up up..'my name' my name'make it big big big' 
fame? idk really..

maybe i have this different taste? i prefer internationale?
haha i love the LOCALS too and i wish they could beat my interest of the intrnational at some point.

proof that i do have interest in the local.
here r some of my favvy performance of our local artists :) (they are a very GOOD example)

Hafiz AF7- i believe i can fly
Stacy AF6-Rela
 Izwan Pilus-love of my life 
i miss this guy so much..sedekah kan dy 'al Fatihah'

p/s: sniffs sniffs :< i want to hear him singing again


Saturday, February 4, 2012

hello You

it had been a heck of a year.wasnt it??
fer me- HELL YEAH

bye 2011 (i know like soo yesterday~)
hi 2012 ( babe its like the 2nd month of the year already?)

yeahh i know ~ that is actually to remind me of how i have been missing a lot of things by not blogging!
so im back blogging here?
 i dont know mates...
sometimes i have this feeling to blog and sometimes i dont...and when i do feel like blogging i'll end up closing the tab..leaving a draft
believe me, if you could be checking my draft box, you'll see a hell lot of drafted 'about to be posted but not posted' text.

sighs -being this undetermined and unpredictable is really making me blue like very sad..NOT

anyway- i'll try it this time to keep on blogging like how i always have long time ago :)
ohh i still have this crude grammar and vocab probs-so bear with it because i am trying my hardest to work on it..i am seriously making an effort here dude! what else would i continue blogging..

so thats all fer now! LY tc and thanks fer reading.

p/s: rawrrr