Tuesday, December 14, 2010

aweins shock :0


seriously im SHOCK!
no no- its nothing like B2ST song...lol

im just thrilled because...

i sleep a lot these days and my sis would enter my room saying 
''kau ni tidur saja''
okay i was like i dont give a damn. :p
but then,i woke up and started blogwalking...
and read something about sleeping..
im like :ooo....ookay....

isnt this just cute ;)
-by Ayie

it stated,
''terlalu banyak tidur sama seperti terlalu banyak makan''

tee hee he he... :)
i know i should do something bout this habit of mine~
oh God-this is really whats meant by 'Guidance from HIM'
so starting tomorrow,no moe sleepyhead!  

p/s:glad thing i blogwalkie often ;)


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