Saturday, August 27, 2011

nice Hello

 Helllo people !

uwaa its been a while :3
yeah i got some issues along the way of being in hiatus.

oh well it seems like everything's going fine right now. ;)
tho i did blog two or three things in an another blog of mine (a new one)
its kinda private, strictly prohibited to uninvited peeps (no offense)
there are just things that i would like to keep it private no matter what.

so, um why am i back -blogging here?
firstly is because im having problems with my grammar :P and writing is one way to improve it :)
why am i doing it publicly- is because i know somehow someway people will read it (kot) and the sense where someone out there is actually reading what you've wrote kinda makes you want to write it better.

yeah ive been wandering the globe via internet, and it cursed me inside to 'make an effort' to make 'other' people understand you well.
some people actually think that im a 12 y/o kid (when actually im 21) and have this crude grammar and vocabs probs...=.=

so,all these while peeps been telling me that i have this cool english side, 'foreign' accent and  more more just got messed up- i know how to do things to make it look like im good at it when actually im not- (kinda sorta) so thats me bluffing

well im no longer into it. now its the time to have a new side on the future :)
ah yess im seeing myself in a bright light


p/s: like i mentioned it indirectly- my english is still poor, i am still learning, and i am very sorry for all the grammar and vocab mistakes done (its unintentionally due to my dumbness and ignorant)<--- will try to throw this away :)

** MAKE AN EFFORT** they said :)