Friday, December 24, 2010

its 24th!

 its Xmas eve :)
lots of fireworks boomboom!

anyway,i was kinda busy handling meeting and outing with friends this week.
since its my last week spending here at KK,peeps just wanna have fun lol.
so i rarely have the time to get myself updated with facebook and blogspot.
Anyway,it seems that ive got no date today,im pretty much rested,so i might as well update this blogie of mine :)

starting from the 19th ive been continuously going out meeting friends,karaoke'ing,movies watchin and so so..
i admit that it was extremely exhausting lol but we enjoyed and its kinda strengthen our bonds and relationships.

and again-
i  have a date tomorrow with this one girlfriend of mine,she have this lots of stories here and there-and im just too too curious ya noe...... :( but um,
like suddenly  
my dad called just now and.... gess what.. 
 im not permitted to go out ANYMORE,
like i was somekind of a grounded child?? i din do anything wrong :( its just that i went out often recently.. but..really..I JUST WANT TO MEET HER,DADDY'O.

So since im soooooooo like daddy's "obedient" little daughter
ive got no choice but to agree of what he said so :(.

but that doesnt change the fact that  
i still want to meet that awesome girlfriend of mine.weeeeeee
so i invited her to come to my house instead. another weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee...

so first thing tomorrow morning is cleaning the house !
lol im going to cook too! specially fer her :) 
shes having a hard time recently-
so meeting her tomorrow is kinda like a cheer up partey!
lol its not really gona be a party,its just gonna be some small gathering chit chatting things and stuffs :)
but i really wish to make her smile..just want to lighten up her day 

smile baby !

thanks reading!
p/s: wish me goodluck 4 cooking tomorrow !


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