Monday, June 28, 2010

a Warm welcome and im freakin tired!

gawsh! im sooooooo sleepy...
im seriously tired with the non stop 'OUTING' with the 'girls of my family'.It was since last friday,we were continously managing things and stuffs.GOD,it was perfectly freakin me out.With my 'so swelly' eyes,*again,ive got to wear sunglassy every here and there.Fuh,theres nothing much to share about..

tho,There were lots of student talking bout their entrance in IPT.Ah how nostalgic,to see them busied,with the bank management process(ive went to the bank mostly),how they suddenly met their friends and were heavily talking bout other friends entrance (which Uni they got in etc.) and how their parents were together with them,tagging along just to see how their child have grown up(well thats how i basically think).Get to brag about 'how i used to be in your place' LOL.nahh im proud to actlly see students taking seriously bout their futher studies.Tho im not quite sure of their 'own' purposes,its just something that i would get excitey about.How suddenly 'youre a grown up' now,and the word 'independent' should be essential soon and how it was exciting to see from a much wider window of how the world really is and going to b.

Im wishin all the juniors a warm welcome to their 'another stage' of growing up.

LOL macam la ak ni senior sangat kn.hak3,x salah kn to just express whats goin thru my mind :p.Hee basically im a lot of a grown up now,(ya think?) lol 'on the way' to be exact.Im pretty glad to help any of the newbies around.Just talk to me baby~ ouh...nt funny.ok get it.Just dont hesitate to ask, lil one.aww..thats much better ;).

so anyway,talking bout this new students, it just excited me up,now im done talking bout them,so im back sigh'ing TIREDness.ughhhaaaaa.....Its gonna be 12am soon,and im still nt done with 'packing'.Yup peeps,tomorrow i'll be flying back to Shah Alam.Goodbyeadios Kota Kinabalu gona miss you MUCH!.

Cant wait for the 3rd season(wah mcm drama2 pula) of my IPT days to start. wuhuuuu.IVE LEARNT A LOT from my first year in IPT,and im pretty sure,im not gona repeat 'any' mistakes that ive done before in this NEWLY 2nd year.NO MORE slacking around! because im targeting HIGH! high much to redeem myself of the past results that pretty much JUST okey'ish.(Still im thankful)

I promise 'you' that i'll get a better result.

So since im flying tomorrow,i cooked 'DADIH'  for my family ;) too bad my brother wasnt around.Oh well,the dadih tastedddddddd like .......... HAHAHA korg faham2 la ea.It was a 'nice try' tho HUk3...

pfft just some dadih la wein,u've cooked a lot of successful varied dish before ;p
hee ive learnt a lot of cooking recipe,mau jd bini org,kena la pndai mmsk. kn kn kn.
and i'll keep on learning mummy'o,dont you worry :).

Highlights of the days spent during holiday at Sabah:
~FANN reunion (1B-Tg Aru Beach)+Nav's birthday
~Movie watching (LBS,Karate Kid,Nightmare of elm street,Toy Story 3)
~Birthday wishes!
~A date with my Gilafren Jessica Joseph
~Movie watchin at lappy with my sissies
~Supernatural !
~Days spent with 'Nenek' and my cuzzy 'fatin'
~Trip to the clinic with Daddy'o fer like 3-5 times.
~Non stop outing with the 'girls of my family'

hee,well my holiday still aint finish la,i got a week more to be holiday'ing at KL wuuuhuu

guessy guessy....
IM TIRED,but theres still so much to talk about,guh,..
oh well,guess im gona continue packing up.I hv to wake up early.need to catch a flight remember? :)
so hurry up pack and hurry up sleep!

goodnite peeps,wish me a pleasant flight tomorrow~


thanks for reading!

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