Saturday, June 19, 2010

a date with Nobita

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Awesome day!
Went out with my dearest Nobita! ahaha,its kinda like a celebration for her-she managed to get her ass in UPSI ! way to go girl ;).

So the day spent by watchin...


  Its a nice 1.WORTH it. I 'suddenly' LOVE you Woody!
somehow reminded me,of old toys of mine,is there any of you around?gawsh,its sux.I actlly ABANDONED them.Haha its nothing rlly :) basically,its all about how you valued them, the sentimental value should be somewhere around,its a must ;).The ending almost made me go 'uwaaa' :((warning:Spoiler!) the departing was so touching,the way Andy described how Woody would always be there for him,damn,that striked me badly!.hu3 seriously its a nice one.Im planning to watch it again tomorrow,in 3D with my sissies,after shoppin with omma.Hope she'll let us,and drop us @ Suria. *prays. lol

Oh,the TS3 was around 4pm,so while waiting,we went for lunch.Nav finally gets to eat MCD! FANN do b happy with this news! shes been craving fer it!lol :)

Next was meeting 'pasangan bego' ahahaha, rilek Remmy(imysm!),yup,she went out with her Brundun :P(perampas remmy!) ahaha i luv those two.A very sweet and innocent couple.They bought gifts for friends and their dads! Rem bought a belt fer her dad.Cool.and i bought......did i buy anything?damn.Guess this calls for tomorrow SPECIAL breakfast!heee wht should i cook before he goes Tambunan.i'll think of something 2night.

DAMN! i just spilled STRAWBERRY MILK,my god!now,i smell like STRAWBERRY! (that sounds familiar?)-Latso TS3! damn its the SAME! lol.

ah back to today occasion, other than meeting the couple,we also met HANIES ZULEIKHA! our Muhyank! the eldest in Fann! shes with her BF dang~they look MATCHin! ;),yupp niesh cant rlly join us at first,bcuz she got shifting to do in the morning,and that evening she hd to meet him :),so of course la me and nav understands her desire to have a date with her BF ;),and we were happy for her,because she lookd awesomely HAPPY too :) love you sayang,treasure him much aights ;).

we even met some old school friends :) ah how nostalgic :(.

and end :P

The next meeting,id like to hv an outing with nies,nav,and jcka :)!
since holidays gona end soon,im Striking movies a lot with tersayang d Kota Kinabalu.
oh im planning to meet dd and the others too :(,wana chit chat some stuffs lol.

okie i talkd gettin sleepy pula.*rubbin eyes+yawn*
oh well
tata peeps.thnx 4 reading :D!

2mrw FATHER's DAY(Such an Important 1,Freak!)
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