Friday, June 25, 2010

Antibiotic lagiii

fuuh today was a LONG day...

Followed my mum,managing my sissies stuffs for UPU.Went to the bank,paid Ipt fees,shopping for things needed,and done Medical check up for my sissies.

I was just tagging along,because im not the one thts gettin registered this 3rd/4th july :).Altho im not the 'main' character today,there were some stuffs i ought to settle too,and it didnt turned out well :P.

Oh well,anyway,i actually prefer much to JUST stay home,since 'my eyes' went 'swelly' for no reason and no 'make up' wud magically remove it~
But,since 1 of the plan was taking the girls to the clinic for their check up,so i was suggestedly to join in and find out whats wrong with my eyes :(.

There i went getting my self another type of antibiotic.
gah.I dislike medicine but disliking sunglasses is above all!
Yes,to cover tht 'so Swelly' eyes of mine,ive got to wear sunglassy the whole time of our outing today.
Seriously,some ppl said,wearing sunglasses wud make ppl look like they were some sort of fashionistas icon,but but i dont think that way :s.So it was pretty much like a bother to me :p.
Seeing all darkish and deepen light ;p was so um..oh well~no offends~

so in order not to wear sunglasses much,im gona get use in eatin antibiotic then.

Heih dah la antibiotic tuk sakit hr tu blm habis2 lg,dtg lg sjenis antibiotic baru.
Kalau ak da sihat,x pyh la mkn lg kn? 'Kena bg habis tu!' mama ak bgtau dgn tegasnya.
seyesly,ak slalu x bg hbis hik3..
tp kali ni,demi mata kesayangan ak pny psl,kena la juga bg habis antibiotic yg diberi.
ak sayang kau mata!

:suka atau x,Senyum itu MESTI:


  1. wahahahaha... kunun..

  2. ui na jez!! ap yg kunun hak3~

  3. :) huhuhu...look like someone else...hehe

  4. acap! hak3 mcm artis kn~ wah,hee ak la tuuuu hu3