Monday, June 21, 2010

so much for yesterday daddy's day

Ouh,yesterday was father's day .

I've done nothing :( . I thought i cud wake up early,and make him something for breakfast,but but,when i woke up,my dad had already taken his breakfast,and was getting ready to go to Tambunan too.So i thought of how 'just by wishing him' could be sufficient enough,but another idea just popped.

His returning from Tambunan,was also on the same day which was later in the evening,so since my omma promised to bring us out,i could actually buy some stuffs and prepare for a surprise daddy's day celebration.So i silently watched my dad left to Tambunan that morning.Smilingly.

After he left,i admit that it was still early in the morning,and im someway still sleepy,so i lay myself down on a sofa in the living room,where i watched my dad left,but i din plan to sleep.So,as i waited for my mum to tell us to 'get ready we're going out',i was planning carefully in my mind how the surprise celebration would be,and would later then discuss with the others.

Unfortunately,i let myself went to the 'dreamyland'(i fell asleep) and someway made my mum 'reconfigure' her plans for the day.So,guess what,there was no shopping.The reason my mum pointed was 'you guys(me and my sissies) were pretty much MORE to sleeping'.Ugh,that was the Damn of sleeping SO late and waking up VERY late.Im not the type to 'argue' something,especially when its mum im arguing with,so i pretty much silent up and made my face went 'gloomy'.

Mission 1:buying stuffs in preparing daddy's day celebration.*failed*

There was still hope i thought.Who knows,if my mum would be reconfiguring her plans 'again' later before dad's return.So while waiting for that 'hope' to happen,i watched 'supernatural' :) 'Dean i love you' LOL.

That afternoon, suddenly another 'sad' event occurred,Which im not telling, sorry for the 'suspense mode' and again made my face Awfully gloomy.I was pretty messed up at tht moment.All the daddy's day plan went missing just like that.
Good news: my mum did reconfigure her plans and she went out.
Not so good news was: I was showing no interest to join in.(you bet!)

so there i went being the drama queen of the day in the family.
My dad returned along with my mum that evening,so even if i followed my mum out before,i wouldn't hv much time to prepare fer the surprise.

Mission2:Surprise daddy's day celebration *failed*

Being all gloomy and dramatic made me sleep and sleep and sleep.Up till dinner,i was still in my room,being 'leave me alone' mode.My lappy was on,so as my FB,suddenly Jessica buzzed up the window chat, and someway feelin the same 'sad' mode.We were such tears back then *sniffs sniffs*.Giving advices and comforting each other was the nicest thing happened yesterday.Thats why i love you Jessica Joseph.*hugs*.But honestly i din get to spend much time with her thru the net that night,my mum wanted me to at least eat something,so i hd to leave her.She wasn't there when im back.I waited but she din come back,well she did but only for a while,and that was when i fell asleep(sleepyhead).Missed her.Seriously up till now,i can feel her sadness around,shes trying her best to stay strong..

As for today
My 'sad' problem kinda solved this morning and im someway calmed,but im kinda worried with Jcka's condition,she's very fragile inside.Shes at the library r8 now,trying not to think much about it.So here i am,waiting for her to come online and have a chat.Trying to be there for her just like she's always there for me.Somehow im feeling guilty cause there were times that i didn't get to hear her fully.* And im wayyyyy sorry for that sayang :(.

so yesterday was pretty much like 1 of my worst day.

but theres this song and some of the lyric were 
'there's always a day,a way'
hee a very old song.
Enough to keep me alive.
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To ayah Happy Bapa day,sorry for not having anything done,it just seems too much for a day,but i promise,i wont waste anything that youve given to me.I'll work my ass up till you can proudly say to the world 'she's my daughter'.'Thats my girl'.In my own imagination in our bahasa word it'll be something like 'Anak saya ba itu'.
yes,i will 1 day make u say that. InsyAllah.
he 'hearts' golf <3

As for jessica,i'll b pretty much waiting :) for her lively condition as what she used to be like.

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Thnx for reading ;)!


  1. tnx wein. . tnx 4 everything. . really mis u. . ehehe. . dun wori. . wif ur support. . i will try my best 2 b strong enough 2 stand again n open new chapter in my life. . wee~~ muaackksss. . luv u my besTfRen a.k.a my Sister!!!

  2. hak3! ily2!stay lively kay sayang ;)