Thursday, June 17, 2010

firSt post!

yups peeps im back bloggin! 

Its a WHOLE new thing around,gona miss the old 1 tho.Anyway,do 'dont mind' my other past blogs,some..are just meant to b 'just like that',so if 'anywho' of u,come/came across it,do remember that 'i do mind' if ure someway gona ask for it :) so better 'mind me'.Eitherway 'just dont ask',walk by,pass by,come by,sure,do anything u want but seriously im not answering any questions about any of the past blogs of mine.Sorry past followers,like ive said,its a whole new thing.IDEA just popped! its just..someway aint related with the past,so i really dont think i shud be 'combining' it.Its a cool thing tho,that it could be just some random 'memories' in my mind.In conclusion,ive got nothing to comment bout my past bloggies.Deal with it,u dont?then just dont bcuz u dont rlly understand 'whats past,remain past' do strike 4ward and dont ask y.Sooner or sooner(*wink) u'll get it.

Okie finish explaining bout tht,so next is the 'NEW' thing? lol obviously blogspot itself got a new 'design' thingy,proud of it (tHumbs UP).Basically, im just gona talk(*type) about things/stuffs im interested with,about the surrounding on how us peeps been living,experiencing,learning and all(slices of life),something that made me 'uwaa,wow,yaaa?!'(<--- these R dramatize*wink.explained the blog name?yes.good) lol,and just some random thoughts that id like to voice out,opiniate(*opinion) something/stuffs.Its may sound someway similar with what ive been bloggin before,but trust me it'll 'dramatically'/slightly Different.

okay Done with tht part,Next is 'HOW'.questioned?..
its actlly how i write/type out things here :),soooo as u peeps can see/read from the top till down here,some of the words may sound 'not right' u might even sey 'learn ur vocab girl!',eheh..seriously I AM LEARNING.Most of my words would be 'dramatically'(again) 'terrible,YUX,ughhh,xSPELLINGx' but im seriously learning.I write out things of whats running in my head,later then i'll check fer mistakes(mistakes=i believe,it helps a lot),and if i dont find 1,means i wud find 1 later in the future,because i seriously want to improve.(help me?).okie.Oh Im a Malaysian(again,PROUD of it),so i might be writing things  in 'bahasa' sometimes.The 'short form' of my words,ehe..some might find it annoyin(annoying,i just forgot the 'g'),um..but it kinda ease me up,.but i respect 'readers' so, i wud(would) extra try to not to 'short form' words that shudnt(shouldnt) be,but if i do,again,i seek forgiveness. :(.Pictures and vids,yes i love them,i would b uploading it here and there too :). i would be updating the blog anytime!it may be daily,weekly,monthly or,i gess im done this part :) NEXT.oh 1 thing,i like 'smiley :)' oh and the highlights !

So next would be,'describing the blog?'
the ROBO thingy,ahaha its lookin nice aight ;)not reallly?much cartoonized?oh,i like cartoon :) wud tht explained y? yes i hope.Purple'ish layers,i dont know,it just goes well with the background :).
The 'to do to be to HAVE' is actlly reality things that i cudnt just 'evade/prevent'. it just HAPPEN.
WHTT SNSD??since when AWEIN ?!(<-- to peeps tht doesnt noe my name,its awein :)) oh ive been kpop lover fer such a long time,and then i stop,and then im into it back again,but not tht 'INTO it' like how i used to.
goin moderate.bein cool.

Okayyyy im DONE with my first post!.
So enjoy or not enjoying my blog is something that i shouldnt messed up with u guys,i respect ppl opinions/comments,compliments are much acceptable,critics/shit/crap wud b somewhere that i would store for 'maintenance'.
until then,i'll stay peace and smile.Thank you for reading.

oh oh!someway i would like to 'thank you' to these people fer helping me up gaining 
'a new day'



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