Thursday, June 17, 2010


Yay to NAV weeeeeee~
huahuahua..she is pretty happy r8 nw,and im happy for her too.Shes been talking bout it,everytime we went out.This calls for a CELEBRATION babe!
Lets watch movie tomorrow!
she's a lil too HAPPY

as for my lil sis :)
YAY her! she got UNIMAS,em..its not like i dont like shes being there,it just that,i wish she could be with me at UITM.Oh well,i guess,she likes to be among her 'Sarawak'ian' friends.I kinda miss my Srwk'ian friends too :(.She was very shocked ya noe' suddenly excited and turned insomnatic.LOl

She got herself in Art course,and somehow,i kinda,'jealous'.I wish i could b too.Oh well :P
My big Sis too got herself into UMS :D,yay her...
and suddenly,every1 are talking bout register,college,fees and stuffs :P
even Jessica,this coming wednesday wud b registering herself @ Politeknik.
me?just need to register classes ja :),oh i do hv to pay the ipt fees :P
lol.Someway,im just happy seeing ppl continuing their studies.
Hope theyre ready for the STRESSES of all the assignments,presentations,NEW People, and LOTs more..
ahahah it'll be fun ;) grab it positively aights
oh and Hv fun Orientation week nyahahaha(early morning-schedule-Shoutings-Hurry2)
hak3,you guys will be superbly Tired! lol,naah its gona be exciting ;)

PREPARE yersef peeps!

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