Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Another same day

my Sis went out today,leaving me kinda all alone in the room :(
:the red bear represents me:
oh well,im fine somehow.
Done pretty much nothing today :(.
I could be going out with 'someone' today,but since theres too much chores left,i ought to stay and finish it.That 'pretty' assistant above (in the pic) aint no where around !.Done it all alone :(,huhu,well my big sis did help 'a bit' but this should be that assistant's job!

Oh well,its nothing much really.
Highlight of the day was just movie watching :)
Watched Date night,a so-so 1,kinda just okey'ish fer me.

Other than that,ive been surfing bunch of 'surveys'.Im thinking of sharing some of it here,but none favours/interest me.But hey,i would be posting bout it,if there is 1 later.

Oh,i changed my blog's song.The song reminded me of' .OKAY stop.Not talking bout it :)

Oh im following the 'Miao and Wafu Pafu' story and i wonder if a sequel of yesterday story is out.hmm gona check it out somehow.
'i love cute things' lovers  peeps,make sure not to miss this site :)


  1. Wein...lovers means something else...hehe.. :P

  2. hak3 oh i noe tht 'else'!! but in this context,its referrin to ppl who loves cute things ;) mcm kitaaaa hahaha