Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Hello Shah Alam

YEPS! made it back here at Shah Alam yesterday.
 Like ive mentioned before,my flight was kinda in the morning,so i hd to wake up early and prepared things and stuffs needed for the journey(waah journey pula).

:Airport @ Sabah:
Met dDee,we checked in together.Right after that was a farewell to my beloved.
So my mum was there together with my sissies,watchin me flew away leaving them with their unfinish business.As usual all the hugsandkisses done,goodbyes done,advices from my mum done...
all left were greeting KL :).

:During the flight:
Me and dDee didnt get to sit together(idky),so im sharing seats with unknown peeps.Oh,since i slept around 2am the night before my flight.I was pretty sure im wayyyy sleepy.So there i went and had my seat with a lovely young girl on my right,and a 'guy' on my left,yes i got myself in the middle!damn,i didnt wish for it.Right after i fasten up my belt,i directly went to the 'dreamyland' even when others were still busy'ing putting their 'things' here and there.

UNFORTUNATELY,the 'guy' i mentioned before,yes him the one seated on my left,were trying to make a 'friendly' conversation-NOT-Mannn i need some sleep,talk with other peeps will ya?-NOT-.let me describe him,he's around 25-35 yrs old,tanned skin,'soldier type' of hairdo,with big sunglasses(oh i was wearing 1 too,OMGOD).So as i was trying to sleep,there he went

'jgn kau tidur ba'
i was like,
After a few minutes,as the flight was about to depart,there were this mist here and there inside,
'Uiii mau terbakar ni kapal terbang' he went jokingly
and i was like,
okay,i wasnt being 'unfriendly' i was just very sleepy that i hd no intention to hv a conversation.He realized that i was sleepy,so he should understand my condition, that i need just some peaceful journey.
So as the plane flew,i was pretty much sleeping,and suddenly
*a light poke on my arms*
'Uii ko mau chocolate ka?'again he spoke~
and i was like,trying to be a 'berbudi bahasa' person
shooked my head and just smileeee....and continue my sleep.
BUT again he went asking this and that..
'Kenapa x mau?' he was referring to the chocolate,
'kenapa kau tidur saja ni??'
'kau tengok bola ka semalam??'
OMG lol there were lots of questions really,but seriously i just need some sleep back there.
trying not to be an arrogant person,i did answer some of his questions,but just some simple 1.
He was a nice person actually,but honestly i rlly want to sleep :(.

:Airport @ KL and the cab journey to Shah Alam:
Hello Kuala Lumpur,it was about 1.15pm,waited for our luggage,and took a cab.Ouh that cab!.Gah,..so i didnt rlly get this 'peaceful' journey during the flight,so i wish to at least 'SLEEP' on my way to Shah Alam.Hahahaha how i wished.The cab we took,got some 'Conversations' between them (the drivers) and their machine of communicating,was beeping continously second after second.Yaa you know,how taxi drivers communicate with their radio machine.Gah i found it very annoying and haa there goes my very own wish.
Oh well no offends.

Next was Hello Shah Alam...
im back! missed my 2nd home( i did?)..lol,
i just cant wait fer the 'new season' of our days in IPT.hak3.
and finally i get to sleep.
rest to be exact ;P.

So that was the journey of a so told, Azureen Julian needs some rest.

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