Wednesday, June 30, 2010

July,do Surprise me!

Huaaaa so i just got back here @ Shah Alam last tuesday with ddee.
so yesterday,we went jln2 la :) seeking stuffs needed for the newly 2nd year at UiTM.
We went to Subang Parade :) and there were lots of shoesssss on sale.Gahh beautiful sights! lol.

Oh before that,we met Sarah :) a friend of ours,working in a food court@Carrefour. Thnx fer the meal sayang~ love it :).She got work to do after that,so we didnt get to hangout together.So all the shopping was just me and dee,but Sarah did bought herself some shoes.*wink.

So,me and dee went round and round at Subang Parade,nothing much really,just sightseeing new stuffs that could be worth buying :).

In the end,i got myself a new watch and other stuffs,but the watch excites me more,lol,cuz i think its freakin nice :),just suitable enuff for me ~ dDee got herself a pair of new shoes.
Both of us were seeking bags actually,but none favoured us,tho there were 1,that look pretty nice,but just not me type?,idk,that'll be my last pick if i couldnt find 1 sooner. 
anyway,heres some pics we've taken :)

argh the yup i still have this swelly eyes of mine.Covering it hard as much as i could.But i think its getting less from day to day,InsyAllah,amin.

So that was about yesterday hee :)
Now,im getting ready for another outing with dee at Timesquare.Wanna watch Knight and day.Today is gona be movie watchin,weeee..gona search some stuffs too :).
Hope everything would turned out to b a fun day :)

thanks for reading!

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