Tuesday, June 22, 2010

stay cheered

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Its about being all postive and just feeling nice
no matter how many hardships youre enduring ,i believe a little smile would just someway ease your feeling.

So right after im all into being positive and smiled my way back at the kitchen,my dad came and threw some 'high volume' voices of his at me (he got mad at something that i shouldnt be doing :(.my bad.).-theres no need to yell tho- :(,so yaa i was damn mad about it,but then 'hey,i thot ure just gona take 'everything' positively'.So,i just need to build this patience-there i went 'breath in/out' and treated wht just happened to be something that i could be laughing at when im fully grown up later on.

anything thats coming,im gonna make sure im prepared.
to be just 'steady/calm/cheered/positive'
ANY hardships im expecting should not be a problem then
just remember that

'everything happened for a reason'

a reason that sooner/later we'll find out

thnx for reading!