Sunday, August 29, 2010

setelah bminggu3 test

i can now finally smile :)

only GOD knows I AM

yes3 i had a SUPERB REST for the past few days,and im still going CraZie about it.
This 'RAYA' madness is killin me! -lol- in a very GREAT WAY im startin to get the 

idk why,but i never been so excitey! maybe its because im currently living farway from hometown *sniffs* and just to think of returning home THIS COMING FRIDAY makes me feel like
FALLIN IN LOVE. great HOME is ;)

i cant wait!

ouh oki so the test week had finally RIP. I even got some of the test result allrdy..ugh...done pretty well i could say? not that HAPPENING/SADDENING.Its a so-so grade given :p.'well ive tried my best ;),gonna keep striking great ones' 

i had a great WEEK ;) despites the test were HERE and THERE.
The word 'reunion' NVR FAIL TO SERVE the word 'BEST'

Most of my friends had already blogged bout it,so its my turn ;))!

first was the 
AC220C class reunion~
how should i put it in words..
FUN! and AwEsOmE laaa,suka suka suka ;) 
the foods,the surroundings,the peeps,  MY MATES!! yups colleagues3 yg hadir sgt3
rsany dlm dewan tu, group kami la paling havoc,
siap join menari/karoke lg kat pentas. Hari tu jg,birthday tuk dua puteri kesayangan disambut dgn nyanyian ramai satu hall tu ^^
*cera n asma hppy bufday lg3* :))
here are some pic

byk lagi actually,tp tlampau byk3 susa mau uplod suma sekali hee

2nd was,
IFTAR bersama Ketua Menteri SABAH!
ni lagi best,mknan pun power3,jumpa member lama3,
Dpt duit RAYA,dengan pantun3 nya lagi yg lawak3,
Ucapan dari AyahBonda la plg MANTAP ;)
and yang  paling best sekali,
macam rasa d SABAH ja hari tu..
t'ubat rinduuu heee

nah gmbr3 ngee 
sekali lg d uplod dlm kuantt yg sikit krn tlmpau byk ini

fuhh pnt pula...internet recently sgt3 la slowpokie...ehe so x dpt upload byk3 huk3...
anyway anywho again....AKU BALIK MINGGU DEPAN HARI JUMAAT!
oh wow weeeeeee 

mau mkn raya banyak3!! ramai lg prefer ak chubby,aku nmpk susut sikit j hr tu,dh ramai komplen sna sni..ok3 nt ak chubby balik,jgn kmu komen lagi lagi...ha ha ha ;)


thnx fer readin ^^~

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