Saturday, August 21, 2010


oMg, finally i get to rest my HEAD!

The week was seriously killing me.THNk god im nt dead :p
but its still too early to b resting actually, i still have MILLIONS of things that need to be done a.s.a.p.
rawr how i wish i could just sleep and sleep and sleep....aliVE not dead :P

ouhkay,just a quick update.

PAST tests were FREAKIN Murderous!

Reachin back finance paper-the multiple questions were *** ! yessss ive read quite enough,but still its too em.. too harsh on me :(. The quantitative and essays pretty much SHOCKING too.. :( ive studied bbut...too harsh! lol but overall kinda so so,i managed to answer all of it,but im nt sure whether im ACTUALLY answering the questions OR NOT :p.That is just SO awein. *wink.

Around 2pm just now,had my TAX test.
Guess what? lets just LOL! screammm ourself out babes!
ha ha ha..yes i basically went 'blank' most of the times...
bUt still i ANSWERED ALL. :) its not that hard but kinda confuziee much,it made me think a lot of 'wordssss' in the textbook.All the words were just streaming up and down,left and right within my mind.All the percentage and lines and of course NUMBERS..oh wow wee..gila-

God,do have mercy on me :((

anyway im pretty much tensed back there,so im gona 'relaxin MUCH' right now :P

those who r taking Audit test tomorrow,MUCH LUCKS from me :)))

im off to bed! oh wait i have chores =.='' so much for a relaxin moment.
okie3,thanx for reading ! :))

p/s: i still have 2 test coming up this tues and wed,and on thurs i hv a quiz on finance and a presentation on costing.IM NOT 'RELAXIN' at all. :(

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