Friday, August 13, 2010

seeking 'you'

if i could have a wish come true..
i want ....

a LOT of things.

Not just someThings.
There are 'things' that i would like to have it pretty close within me.

Everyday and night being there just perfectly for me.
Comforting me as how i desire.
Loving and care for me just like how i wanted it to.
Creating sad and happy moments together.
just us...

because seriously,

no matter if its day or night im there for u
annoyance as i might be,but will never let you fall
i care and i love you -cant u see?
i want to make you happy and i never want to make you cry.

thats what im trying to tell
i want to be with you,
enduring OUR life together..
its not just about me.Its about US.

im tryin hard,
but still, im a normal human being..
so forgive me when you do..

 :) im nt dedicating this 'stuff' to any1,
its only words of my mind speaking. 
 its me thinking about 'you'.
people that i wish to be with..

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