Monday, August 9, 2010


what a restful day...
Class just now was held only fer 30 minutes! and we managed to answer 3-4 questions of taxation too!-solan much satisfied har3

Last night i slept around 4 in the morning :p,and obviously i ~overslept~ but thankful enough we arrived class 'Just In Time (JIT)'.Thank god, the reason i stayed up was to continue workin on a financial trend analysis-an assignment that doesnt have a definite dateline to send in,but seriously,i want to finish it around this week.So im working hard on it and so as the others.So far,everything goin smooth,likey much!.tho theres still lots of it,too early to b liking it~still im prepared fer all the dramas confront.

asal jgn lupa tuhan *wink everything wud b fine

 im chatting -much-recently @ YM and fb..ah its nice to have updates of long lost friends.last night i had a chat with a friend :) kept me awake while doin assignments.we always chat our nights up till morning comes.And its seriously fun despite the fact that i hv early classes in the morning lol.


later pula got ETR and koko classses...the only thing im regretting is- its in the evening..late in the evening..
ugh...but sigh no moreee im going steady and cool-  
followin the flow of a student life~
u guys should try to0 :),stay all positive and nice,its GREAT hee

so off i go fer a rest,i'll blog again later on free times ;) 
thnx fer reading!


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