Sunday, August 15, 2010


messed my night with  some works :(

i forgot lar,that theres actlly more to what im expected to finish off! rawrr.

With this 'i want to sleep' eyes of mine,stared the clock and sighed deeply inside, knewing the fact that 'oh my precious night time BED' just flown away with the starry2 stars in the sky together with the moon shining the night superbly Awesome.

its SUX.
and it comes with a 'MUCH'
.sux much.
okey no moe 'curses'

so,if u have that so called work to do,WTH are you still hanging around bloggin?
.suka hati mama bapa aku la.
ha ha ha
aww come on la,aku mau nag3 skjp j...lepas ni ak jnji ak trs bg siap kerja rumah aku tu okey?

so i was so reluctanttttt to wake up,and moved as slow as i can possibly imagine..i didnt rlly pay attention to the surrounding,-again- its me being half conscious a.k.a Zombied. headed to the toilet,
and AS I WAS ABOUT TO ENTER,my foot was terribly KNOCKED accidentally with the toilet door.
it was not just SOME knock,its a  knock that left 'a pretty nice reddish' inner bleeding to my FOOT!


ha    ha    ha  im nt laughing seriously,
because of that,im soooOoooo wide awakeeee now,
thank you.


and off i go now fer that so called work of mine!

thnx fer reading my soooooooo zombified thoughts

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