Saturday, July 10, 2010

walkin around

har3 last night was NICE :)
went to 'i city' a place where bunch of lightssss scattered around BEAUTIFULLY.Since its ONLY nice when its night,so we hv to visit that place only at NIGHT.Its kinda spooky to walk all the way there at first,altho we're in a group,anything could happen aight?,but as soon as we reached there,the place just FANTASIZED me.Macam kat Alice in Wonderland pun ad jg hak3.

So as we walked along the road/path,lights were shimmering down,explodes,staticly NICE. :) ouh,the place was crowded gila2.Lots of ppl also went there fer pic snapping,strengthen family/friends bonds,and just enjoying the view.

Ouh there were also some stalls for ppl to buy things.InteresTHINGS.Most of the things were somehow related with *lampu* hak3,ddee bought a ball that when it touches anything 'still', with great pressure/impact of throwing it,it'll somehow light up! okay i noe * lame * but CUTE and CUTE for some certain ppl :P,she also bought mickey mouse ears that when you wear it on your head,it'll continuously light up *shing shing* she looked EXTRA cute.Rem bought herself a shirt,a nice one indeed that suitable enough just for her and also BEN10 stuff for her nephew which is kinda 'Cool' too.AS FOR ME,i bought a GUN!!! hak3 a Bubble Gun to be exact! when you *shoot* fuuuuuh the bubbles goes all over the places.Its not CHILDISH i repeat NOT childish.ITS FUN! :P the view of bubbles flowing out here and there just 'MESMERIZING'.Murah j pun,so ak beli la tuk kepuasan hati yg dari dlu lg seeking for that kind of stuff :) weeee~luv it luv it luv it~ dtg rumah ak,ak smbut kmu2 dengan bubble2 aa~ hak3
Basically its just some common things that you can find it in some funfair/toyshop.Generally,yes its for kids,but some of  it does mentioned 3/5 yrs old and- ABOVE - so im much eligible.:P i just wanna experience toys that didnt exist long time ago in my younger age :) or toys that much modernized that could be worth trying 1 for fun. So mind me,i love those things :P.

okie back to where we were at, last night LOL
hak3so we've taken pics here and there,done much randomized stuffs,sightseeing a lot of lightness around,..
its just something that i couldnt possibly forget :) thank you for bringing me around peeps~im grateful to hv u guys around showing some fun and happiness-exactly on a time where i need 'shoulders' to b with-

oh my GOD,have fun,have fun juga~ASSIGNMENT KEJA RUMA PBL DUIT!!! hak3 insyAllah diselesaikn stu/stu,pelan2 and steady following the flow of LIFE jgn risau la,i hv it all under control-kununnnn-
as i was about to take a shower just now,housemate bawa makaaaan pula :) rezeki boss sedap2 lg tu,ap lg.hik3 so i just had my lunch with housemates :),drg rajin mmsk and sedap slalu thnxxx kmu hik3
so im up for studying right nw,i'll update blog again later on kay~

bah! thanks for reading :)

p/s:here are some pics of icity and i dont own these pics,got it from the net :)-dont ask bout mine :P- just to actlly let u guys know how i city is :) 

theres actually more of these,but i prefer if you guys go ahead and take a look by yerself :) it'll b wayyyy beautiful ;)*wink

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