Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Brand NEW

huaaaa last monday was the start of the new semester for me :)
The first day is always a FUN day.Yups,get to meet old/new friends,how we get to non stop chit/chatting about holidays and stuffs.Its unexplainable. *wink

But as the first day started,there could be lot of problems that should b encountered.Again for this sem,its about registration.Yup peeps,supposely,there shouldnt be ANY problem at all for me,and i thought i would just follow the flow of the classes ive registered.But it turned out to be something complicated.Im getting more and more tired :(.geraaaaam.Kelas yg ak register tu pelik sikit hik3.

huk3,tp harap2,InsyAllah everything would just turned out to be normal soon.Sekejap ja ni,plan ak esok,awal pagi tu,naik tgkt 12,buka j kaunter,cakap yg kelas baru yg ak mau register ni sdh penuh,hrp2 la drg blh tlg registerkan,sbb ak tgk ad kelas tu,dh MAXimum pun blh j masuk lg,msti kaunter2 tu tolong kn.InsyAllah.amin.

Yala,ak pun mau start a normal studying mode kan,x best la.Sdh ak semangat2 mau belajar *azam baru la konon kn,tetiba Kelas tu ad problem lg.Aih kacau bilau ak dibuatnya.

Anyway,tym ak busy2 stress2 urus psl kelas tu kn,'mum' ak kol pula,dy mcm tau2 j ak ni ad prob,ak bgtau la dy stu2 prob ak.Then there went all the advices,motivational words,spirits and stuffs to keep me going ON!
hak3 yup,ini semua dugaan la org katakn,COBAAN baa.Yup,everything that happened,happened for a reason.Fuhhh will just keep smiling like how i posted before about being cheered and all lol.
Gona keep reminding myself about that.Stay positive and cOoooooooL...Wajib itu cool *wink.

So oh,how i just realized that,its been a while since i last blogged :p.Been BUSY la org ckp.HAk3,Nothing much,ive been going out here and there this past few days,balik2 rumah j terus landing! tidoooo.Handphone pun kdg2 x t'cas,org msg pun kdg2 x sedar,updates d fb pun x t'ikut,kredit pun expired2 da,..
So agak ''malas'' untuk melakukn semua itu ketika diri tidak sbegitu stabil DARI SEGI fizikal bukan MENTAL.i repeat not mentally unstabilized.

tho i hv to say sorry to jessica joseph.Im very2 sorry babe,sbb x tlyn msg2 ko,krdt sdh expired ni,ak mau top up pun,kena bujet2 sbb ak ad buku2 yg MHL2 perlu dibeli.huk3 Sandih ni jess,if youre someway reading this,i want u to know that,as soon as my prob settle down a lil bit,i'll contact you ASAP,i mean it.ASAP.Aku btl2 hrp ko fhm :).Tp ak tau jessica ni,dy kwn dgn ak mau dkt 8 tahun ba, EVEN IF I DIDNT TELL HER what is actually im going thru,mesti dy fhm ak punya,Kami ni kira Understanding la ba towards each other.Thats y i love you jessica joseph (mesti ko terharu kn) ahahahaha.

Okey2 stop being all this sentimental and stuffs,ak blm solat asar lg! huk3,dh la prob btimbun2,x solat2 lg,konfom la x selesai2.so Im goin now :) i'll update this bloggy soon after im done with the problems im confronting gah!

ap2 pun hidup mesti KUAT! kekekeke

thanx for reading !

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  1. babe. . dun wori. . ehehe. . aQ fhm gak 2. . somtym aku pun bgitu juga. . so im reli understand. . seriously aQ btl2 fhm. . so no need to wori. . just do ur work. . n focus on ur study. . orites? ehehe. . muacksss. . mizz u darL...