Thursday, July 22, 2010

Hi hi

hello hello~
its kinda been a while since i last blogged,been busy with works and discussions.

So far,im getting used to it :).I just need to work extra fast and FOCUS! thats the word 'fast and focus'.Not hurriedly doing things around,its just that i need to  be fast so i could catch/cope up with the learning process around,AND seriously focusing my mind towards 'whats in the front' actually stay focus in class-that is when the lecturers are giving lectures-and whatever im reading for better revision,understanding and memorizing.

The past few days were 'tiring' MUCH,but im denying it hard -no more sighs- :)

last friday,was "supposedly" a heavenly day~but it turned out to be 1 of my worst day.
As i was "trying" HARD to despite the fact that class was postponed from 10.30am to 3.00pm,another quiz came by saying hiiiiiiiiiiii~and moreover its about entrepreneurship! means -reading a lot- should be something essential to do,but i was pretty much -movie watching- instead.hahaha.So careless me,from 15 overall marks,i got only ----- hahahah! im used to it anyway~but this just hv to stop.I need more and more 'carrying mark'-it'll come in handy later after the finals.

last sat done nothing,just being freeeeeee the whole day~finished undone homeworks and revisions.

The day after(sunday),was enduring the MODULE! a program where we learn to improve basic 'skills'-a person should/shouldnt have.At some point,ive realized that its a good thing our Uni provided this kind of activity.Its more like a preparation to CONFRONT the ''big world''.-and I hv to say that,communication matters A LOT.Im saluting high for this kind of activity!thank you for preparing me to b much like a skilled person-ceh-
siapa la suka kn huhuhu.but to think of a perfect time for a perfect program-only weekends recognizable.
so im pretty much ''just folo the flow'' ~ redha ~

as for Monday~Morning class was cancel,and 'i got time' to finish what are meant to be finished.There was another class in the evening but balik awal cuz,kelas habis awal weehee~but im not technically 'balik',i got meeting later that night sooooo i stayed and stayed and stayed until the clock reached 10.30pm then the meeting ends,reached home around 11.30pm and again i stayed up to finish some works.Next was,I found myself sleepin around 2am~

Tuesday was FUN :D.Had my first koko for this sem.Im in the 'GAMELAN' right now.I was from entrepreneurship previously,its not like i hate being there,i got an 'A' just by being there,so,i just basically wanna try various random things :).lol.So At first,i was pretty much tired,and i really wanted to go home,back there *sniffs but but as i walked in the studio(d gamelan venue),there were lots of 'traditional' instruments  placed around here and there.We were in a group of four were the first to choose which to play *smileeeee.And i got myself playing tht name bad :(,i'll remember it in the next meeting.So it was indeed a 'new friend'.Enjoy some pics :D

a new friend :D
 we're gona b bestfriend !*hopes

its a nice experience to play any instruments(modernize/traditional) and i unexpectedly fell in love with this activity :D.hopefully this feeling of mine last long :)).So after koko,we headed home la apa lagi~AND IT WAS FREAKIN RAINING! 

yesterday Wednesday had a packed schedule~ went to my new law class,and met a DIFFERENT kind of juniors.If last time im more communicated with the lil girls..,now its more with the lil guys and they were a total annoyance :P
~kalau dah pgil ak 'akak' buat la mcm 'akak'~yg ko layan ak mcm ak ni member lamaaa ko a'sal??
~kalau ya pun mau mengurat,mau trip2 'terer' dpn ak,mau tunjukkn yg 'kami x takut senior' adoiii kau slh org laaa budak! ak kesah ap kau tu junior ka senior,kau tu ttp manusia biasa j la,jd ak layan org samaa j weh,seriously laa, regardless jun/sen,but of course i'll respect the seniors more.So u guys better act the same way la siot.
~Bisingg sgt la psl ak merepeat kn,tgk lar aa bbudak cna kmu jwb soalan yg 'bratus2 markah' tu..
uii awein marah kerr...SERIOUSLY tidak...hak3 ak tau drg tu bbudak,words spoken were totally out of their minds and wasnt purposely offending.They were trying to communicate and jokes were something essential la KONON. honestly ak x suka,but basically i dont mind,ak fhm bbudak tu konon.ceh.hak3
just this
''learn your respect.DamN it" :p
Im gladly expecting MY DAYS WITH all of you *smirks 
like Hell laa.apuuuu..ap la mau jadi dgn bbudak skrg ni..dah dah yg pntg ak bljr ikhlas,x kesah la dgn ssiapa pun kn kn kn

hak3 ''pnjg gila kau punya post kali ni wein'' har3,tryin to update u peeps with things ive confronted/ing.Actlly byk lg,and just by writing,i realized 'tHeRe's GOta b moRE to LifE' and SO much MORE.

as For today :),everything seemed's date gona b listed in 1 of my fav day..idk y but everything seems comfy despite the tiredness,stressed and weighted books...thank u god.

huaaaaa off to study :) *winks thanks for reading!

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