Monday, July 12, 2010

quiet times

thats just me,there'll b times where i would just 'silent up' myself,
and there would b times where i would just 'get loud' :).

Huaa so last night,i slept late NOT because of WC.Since i havent buy any reference books for accounting,i was heavily searchin notes  for a quiz im expected to take this morning.There were tons of information and notes optionize as usual,unfortunately idk wTh was i actually reading.It was getting late and obviously i was getting sleepy,so gdnite :P

Then,this morning came up and i was terrified much because of  'less revising', *gulp as i entered the class with some students reading their reference.
I was like 'ouh,so there wud really b a quiz today??' and started praying 
*pls not today*..
Prof. came in,and i was busying my eyes looking thru the things that she brought with her 
* no signs of "paperssss" for us *
i was 'yes!' for a while,and continued praying.
There she went 'are you ready enough if i quiz you today ' i was pretty much ''NOoOoOoooo'' and so were the others,but some did mentioned ''yesssss'' but 'no0o0oo' was above all~ hik3.
So Prof. hd  to agree with the majority voices~and postponed the quiz to this coming thursday :) thank you madam~ THANK YOU GOD. 
p/s: tho,she did bring the papers of the quizzy~ :P.

oh well :)
nothing much happend today :) so im pretty much hv nothing to talk about,or is it just my quiet day~
raawr,im off to study :) *azam bruuu
thanks for reading!


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