Saturday, July 31, 2010

a somekind of A week

Monday.tuesday.wednesday were normal,had classes,homeworks,assignments and stuffs.
'bored doing the same thing everyday'~nothing much :P.
Gamelan class was canceled,didnt get to meet the 'new friend' ive mentioned previously.Too much thinking.Stressed and tensed much here and there.TIRED

thankful enough,all of the sad and teary moments fallen within the 'right' part.

sadly,im not tht strong enough to be thinking that way all the time.

Surely and obviously theres 'something' making me sad every now and then,but LIFE just have so many to offer rather than being sad and gloomy.
its not easy,enduring this kind of sadness within.
thank god its preferable enough that feeling can b xpress into words instead of action.
kn kn kn...lama ak TERBUNUH kalau x mcm begitu.

'everyone hv its up and down'
seriously im trying to survive :) no matter what :
the word 'trying' is much better 2 b heard than 'giving up'..
sabo je la awein~

masuk2 hari khamis,ad best sikittt hee..
Finally it something diffrent-

went to PUTRAJAYA :),mengikuti lawatan ke Jabatan Akauntan Negara.
Got myself a fresh new discovery of the world.esehmen,yala dr p kls mcm biasa,enduring everything the same way,sgt2 la bosan,a lil bit much dpt jg buka pndgn into something wider and broader,

but still ya la,classes are always important to attend~sdikit sbyk ak regret juga replacing classes with visitation.
but but then both were somewhat 'precious' kan,sacrifice was the only way :).
Im still gona catch up with the learning process 'academically 'no matter how hard it would be,
visitation on the other hand were 'once in a while'..It doesnt hurt to chill around aights?.Well of course it would,if i mention how many works and assignments assigned on that day that i missed.~LOL
but seriously,on that particular day, im a lil bit relief and rested~somewhere in my mind just dozed off and thankful enough i enjoyed~

here r some pics~ hee 
gahh byk lg pics actlly tp d tmpt rakan2 yg lain huk3,so ini2 ja la yg dpt d share :)

the next day turned back into something normal la kn~the classes~ oh wow wee...
lol nothing much happened but SOMETHING did happened. lol

it was freaking raining in the evening!! we were awesomely showered by the rain~lol i wish i cud just picture that moment,but it was even hard to hold the umbrella,apa lagi kalau pegang camera,mau posing pun susah,silap2 rosak camera kena hujan...nyahaha. so the fb extract above was something that can b treasure for futher memory reminder *wink i luv u girls.

gahhh so after friday,Saturday is THE DAY! lol i love you saturday~<33333
hee but still,works and assignments shouldnt be ignore~okay okay here i come 
*study mode*
thanks for reading.!

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