Thursday, July 8, 2010

Class baruu :)

entered the new class ive mentioned before.
and everything turned up well :)
we did came in peace,and we made peace Yay :D
its an okey'ish class,simply simple just the way i wanted it to.

highlights of the day:
+Clash of the classes!
+Hi again PROF

Clash of the classes!
Hik3,so KP registered me to be in H group kan,where thered b no problem in 'schedule' with the law class im repeating.Too bad, there WAS a problem.While i was busy managing my registration,so that the group im entering will be no clashes with the group im repeatin- by observing their schedule displayed at level 11,
H group hd already made some changes to their schedule.Which was obviously differ with the schedule displayed,which im too late to tell that i couldnt be attending the class that they've made changes because i have law class to catch :(.my bad.huk3
Luckily,theres another Law class that doesnt clash :),weeee..but i doubted the availability.I was praying hard so that thered be a space for me in that class :| VERY HARD.
and guess what :),THERE WAS a space for me~so i again successfully registered myself in a new class for Law so that thered be no problem with the schedule of H group.
Alhamdulillah.Fuhh ak bdoa,supaya lepas ni,tiada la lagi mslh clash2 ni.Amin.

Hi again PROF
So as i comfortably sat in the class for my accountant subject to start,i was eagerly waiting for the lecturer.hee~Who could be teachin this class for accounting subject?? hee..guessy guessy~
its my PREVIOUS LECTURER...*speechless*
and it turned out to be im the only 1 that was on her previous lecture.So there she went,repeating my name again n again.Oh well hik3,gonna Stay Focus on her class! thats my aim,if ada soalan,direct tanya! thnx nikki cuz ajar sikit2 td tym ak a lil bit lost.hik3.Yang ak suka ttng lecturer ni,dy suka bagi 'rehat' ngehehe tym rehat tu la ak akn sibukkn diri untuk catch up pkra yg dy ajr b4/or i can just rest my sleepy head :P..hee

other classes were fine and going smooth~but Finance 330 td,agak Fast 4ward la..huk3 Focus awein Focus.InsyAllah blh carry out :).

haaaaa finished talking bout today classes :)~
ak pun pnt pula keja lg perlu disettlekn
itu j la update kli ni hik3~yg penting ak sgt bpuas hati la hari ini.~

thnx for reading!

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