Thursday, July 15, 2010

thank 'you'

Hello,hello :) 
i had my first quiz today,the questions were awesome lol.Answered smoothly-konon la~but still i doubted 'perfect'ness, nothing's perfect ;p hak3 it was a nice flow tho.

I was pretty much stressed before,not only because of the quiz,
there were lots of 'drama' scene here and there,being all tensed up and tired!
+I hv this 'some kind' of a new peep around,sometimes it annoys me just to think of it :(.
+This newly 2nd year is getting heavy and heavier,not only because of educational matters,its also involving physical matters.Its not like im gaining weight,its just that,IM PACKED WITH WEIGHTED BOOKS.So physically im tired much.
+PACKED schedule im enduring 
+all those shifting in classes,waiting and catchin up busses,lif problems,stairs and stairs and stairs....
+theres just so many moreeeee...

it was just too much!
but then,i realized,it wasnt just me.There were lots of other BUSY and much more STRESSED and tired students than me.Students with responsibilities,positions,organization and more..they are much much much much much more busier than me.
and i was nagging up there?? yes i shouldnt be,i should be thankful enuff that i still got time to blog around,i still got time to rest in the afternoon,i had enuff time revising for the quiz and *again so many moreeeee...

:) i realized this when i was talking with 'him' last night.Thinking bout it just eased me up.
i thank 'you'

So i cheerly had a wonderful day today,altho this morning its kinda gloomy,because i slept late,and woke up late and still was sleepy back there,had a bad 'scarf' day lol. and many more,but everything just turned well in the end. 
I even got myself  two new books!- both are pretty much like classic kind of stories that i used to read long time ago~gonna read it on my freeee times weee~ 

hee so that is all for today updates :),i hv some discussion about costing,homeworks to be settle,revisions to be done..and *again many more LOL...

thanks for reading! :) 

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