Thursday, November 18, 2010


 oh bloggi sory fer not updating

few days ago, i was knocked out with this so called 'fever' that made me
'go to bed' EARLY and OFTENLY.

yep,i got sick! damnation-
i hate it when medicine is like ur 'bestfriends' and meeting the doctor-like its a date! 

i thot it was just some normal flu but then i remembered,
i played with the rain some days ago..or was it yesterday?

no wonder. 

but worry no moe! im recovered 'partly'.lol.
the flus gone,the fevers gone,sore throat GONE
but coughing-still acting like a buddy within.such heck!

i still have to go bed early cuz the medicine said so ;p
uhhhuhuhu my nights :(

oh well.

i gess thats all ;)
i need to get my hands on that so called UBAT BATUK-im counting on ya! 

p/s: i'll blogwalkie u guys MORE when im recovered Fully :) 
thanks fer reading :)


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