Saturday, November 13, 2010

hello Borneo

im back :D
yay me its holiday time oh wow weeeeeeeeeeee

Just got back yesterday around 3 in the evening.It was a pleasant flight from Shah Alam,tho i didnt get to sleep that well in the flight-i dont know why :| i thot i slept around 5am the night before,i could pretty much assume that i was So sleepy back then...but still i didnt get to sleep and i wonder why...hmm

i was too excited to return home maybe :)

Oh well,as soon as i arrived,met my mom.Salam+hugs and kisses as usual.
aww i luv that moment seriously.
Since it was still kinda early to be cooking fer dinner,she brought me to a restaurant to eat something-i dont eat during flight it'll make me tummy-ache..I had a lovely meal afterward. :)

well hello Sabah im home!
gah im still feeling this awesomeness of being home.
so friends and family :) lets GO OUT! im free all day long peeps.
Book me,Reserve me,Invite me(mcm x tau malu pula) huhu

anyway ~lets just enjoy HOLIDAY!
+ im looking forward goin to muvie watchin the most!MOST.
+ i  do recall some of my friends planned to visit some 'special' places here at Sabah.yala cuti cuti Sabah pula ba setelah lama menetap di Semenanjung (lme ke??) :p hehe
+ oh oh not to forget FANn Reunion! yessss cant miss this one.its a very special occasion annually organized by us freax.craziex.lovable FANn.--lookin forward fer it :)
+ oh cik Jessica Joseph bila kau mau bertanding 'kasi pecah speaker' di Kbox lg???ahah karoke kita ba KALAU BERANI! nyahaha
+ last but not least.Obviously the examination result...boohoo...=.=  do pray fer me friends and family.

tho getting to b home,made me kinda missing my roomates housemates coursemates ..
all of them :(
aik kalau gua kat Semenanjung gua Homesick manyak oh...aku da sampai Sabah- aku 'sick' apa pula ;...(
ini mesti sebab aku sorg2 ja d bilik, adik kaka abang aku belum balik3 lagi dari 'tempat' dorg.
So..sunyi juga. Xkan la aku mau bawa main dengan mama bapa aku pula kan...huhu 
tapi okey la at least terlerai rindu mau bermanja2 dengan dorg.Aiseh mentang2 aku sorg ja balik kan,mcm tuan puteri aku kena layan yaw~ hahaha tbaek.

anyway anywho...

am lookin foward fer events this holiday!

thanks fer reading :)

p/s: oh i realized WSB members been blogwalkin much here :) hehe thank you fer visiting and followin :)-now im soo free..i can blogwalkie too~ 

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