Sunday, November 14, 2010


A contest that im Participating in order to win myself  an adorable very the  
Cute'ish Mashimaro MP3!

The contest is easy :), contestants just have to choose a song that they favour and describe the song  as creative as they could in order to win the hearts of the contest honorable Judges.Tho there are rules and regulations need to be follow.For futher details click the contest banner above weeee!

so here goes, 
wish me luck!

i choose you!

P. Diddy (Puff Daddy) feat. Faith Evans 
I'll Be Missing You 

Honestly,first time dengar lagu ni, 
saya cuma terpikat dengan alunan muziknya.
A lil bumpy,melodic in a cool way,and just niceeeeee

Waktu tu,Rapping was not one of my taste in music,sincerely because it was quite hard for me to understand such fast(kadang- kadang slow)spoken lyric,so i didnt really take notes of the rapping part.

But as the trend goes more into rapping nowadays, i tend to hear it carefully step by step, and learning this song BACK, is quite meaningful actually. :)

from my point of view 
to define this song is something lovely-the lyrics said so itselfs ;)
~Yeah... this right hear... 
goes out to everyone who has lost someone they truly love~

lost or not lost...
its just about someone you truly care and love. 
Forever more a person that you will always b missing :)

wanna hear it?
Youre hearing it now! yes the song played throughout the blog :)
loving it as it flows...

(Yeah... this right here... goes out to everyone who has lost someone they truly love)

Seems like yesterday we used to rock the show

I laced the track, you locked the flow
So far from hangin on the block for dough
Notorious, they got to know that
Life ain't always what it seem to be (uh-uh)
Words can't express what you mean to me
Even though you're gone, we still a team
Through your family, I'll fulfill your dream (that's right)
In the future, can't wait to see
If you open up the gates for me
Reminisce some time, the night they took my friend (uh-huh)
Try to black it out, but it plays again
When it's real, feelings hard to conceal
Can't imagine all the pain I feel

Give anything to hear half your breath (half your breath)
I know you still living your life, after death

Every step I take, every move I make

Every single day, every time I pray
I'll be missing you
Thinkin of the days, when you went away
What a life to take, what a bond to break
I'll be missing you

I miss you Big

It's kinda hard with you not around (yeah)
Know you in heaven smilin down (eheh)
Watchin us while we pray for you
Every day we pray for you
Til the day we meet again
In my heart is where I'll keep you friend
Memories give me the strength I need (uh-huh) to proceed
Strength I need to believe
My thoughts Big I just can't define (can't define)
Wish I could turn back the hands of time
Us in the 6, shop for new clothes and kicks
You and me taking flicks
Makin hits, stages they receive you on
I still can't believe you're gone (can't believe you're gone)
Give anything to hear half your breath (half your breath)
I know you still living you're life, after death
Somebody tell me why
One Black Morning
When this life is over
I know
I'll see your face

lovely isnt it ~

Okeyish..nOw im tagging three person.
they are musics Freakx too ;)

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tata For now

thanx for reading :) 

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