Monday, November 1, 2010

its 3 am

and im still wide awake 

thanks to,

nescafe kopi mocha ;)
 for keepin me sooooo   ( *.*  )~

im preparing myself fer Costing paper scheduled 2pm today.

just suddenly feelin the urge to blog..
tonight its kinda ..... '..................'  quiet
im the only one left awake,
roomates are pretty much prepared fer tomorrow exam-i assumed and  
yes im NOT.
tho ive studied quite 'a lot'- im still forgetting stuffs like
'how to answer this question again?' sux

yikes papersssss-this is how clumsies work

i shouldnt be awake..its suppose to be my precious bed time! 
plus i drank nescafe  less in 24 hours before the exam starts.
seriously what is goin thru ur mind la awein.heih..
i'll go to bed around 5 and wake my self up around 10am.stop nagging.nya nya nya

oh Entrepreneur paper last sunday was Awesomee lah..
i even got my self sleeping while answering.Tbaek
i managed to answer all of the questions given,but i doubt perfection.
oh well ;p

let it be 

okay thats ol fer now wish me all the best
Thanks fer reading!