Saturday, November 13, 2010

long'ish cat!


ah how i love cats!
i once shared this to fb'ians 
and now im sharing to u bloggers pula~ :)

A Cat was measured more than 4 feet-let me repeat moe than 4 FEET peeps! 
and to be exact, its 48 1/2 inches long from tip to tail !
None other than the 5-year-old Stewie a breed of Maine Coon ("the gentle giants" of the cat world.)!
He was certified as the new Guinness World Record holder replacing another Maine coon previously.
Robin Hendrickson and Erik Brandsness are Stewie's owners
-bless you guys fer adopting such a wonderful creation of GOD!

he's extremely cute!
Read from yahoo.Original source from Reno Gazette-Journal,

awein: aww how i wish to have one...
momma: Be careful of what u wish for 
..means i cant have one :( sighs

thanks fer reading :)


  1. besarnya kucing tu.. aku suka kucing. bestnya klu ada kucing besar gitu :)

  2. hee besar kan :D best ni bwa jln2 heee~