Saturday, October 2, 2010

blogy i miss u

yes yes yes im sory fer nt bloggin lately.

was it just me,or everything turned DRAMATIC fer this week.

i mean like EVERYTHING

its not like im getting into trouble or somewhat miserable ;p but its someway bothering my mind every now and then 

-just Smile as the life flow-

so wanna know how 'streaming over and over again dramatic events' feels like?
its feels like

'WOW-like just in a week??''

hahaha seriously im still quite speechless and 'action'less
cant really describe what hv been goin thru the week

yikes-kill me

but someway somehow i noe everything will work out fine kan kan kan?

First was about a Roomate of mine showin her 'negative' side which seriously gave an IMPACT to my life.
like SERIOUSLY an impact.-bengang- is above all.
so,i was no longer like 'cool-let it be'--->i turned pretty more like 'Listen,bitch!' instead
and there were shouting here and there,i finally said all the things i wanted to in a 'motharfakker' way,all the curses words just just just blurted out.

seriously its not me.

and i dont wish to b like one.But damn she made me.

so the problem was actually about 'cleaning and keeping the room tidy' :)
yess she failed for such BASIC rules in life.
and as i was strengthening all the curses word TO her,
she FINALLY and like seriously FINALLY let me repeat it again FINALLY
cleaned all her stuffs,organized it all in a mannered way it should be,..
and tadaa the room shinesssss perfectly niceee like how it was before she came in :)

thank god

my other room mates back from class that evening seein the room in a very totally different than what they've used to see..commented
'did a tornado passed by??' hahaha thank you tornado.

satisfied.but the others(my other housemates was enduring the same impact too) still hvnt said what they wish to voice out and once again that night she was called for a meeting with us lovely housemate of hers. :)

she promised to change.
lets PRAY that she would,.

so that was one thing of what happened a few days ago..

there R moe....
but fuh i dont wish to tell?

biar kamu saspen ahahaha...

im gettin tired lately :(
i need rest but like hell i got lots and lots and lots of lovely assignments and revisions to b done :)
do pray and wish me luck on my business plan presentation this coming friday.
do remind me of some test im confronting on this 2 weeks time.
do WAKE me up BEFORE OCTOBER ENDS cuz I want to 'kiss bye bye' WELL on my final examination this semester.

;) thanx fer reading!

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