Thursday, October 28, 2010

1 down MANY to go

yes my examination is still not over peeps.

i still have to wake up early and stay up late just to get myself prepared for the upcoming WAR.
gah lame.
studying all day long bores me.

i want to go out and just have fun playin around with some some stranger...
wow stranger?

anyway anywho, first paper was... O.K
wait wait try spellin it backwards  K.O

much better.

i dont know la why,sy buat latihan punya la main banyak on 'Consolidated Balance Sheet'.last last kelua' apa 'Consolidated Income Statement'. 
Dh la nama pun lebih kurg ja.heih.

Such tears-what ive spotted didnt come to my realization.ugh.
but other questions were nice- i guess.At least i CAN do laaa compared to the one i mentioned earlier.

oh im taking accountancy btw.
Praying extra HARD to not to repeat the course! seriously im scared bcuz there is a probability that i might.
so friends and family do pray fer me :(

oh oki oki what is done,just let it be ;p

thnx for reading :)


  1. Ni mesti tengah study lagi kan?
    Nanti dah tak busy jangan lupa singgah-singgah blog saya ye.