Saturday, October 16, 2010

lets do something

Okay im suddenly moved to REDUCE GLOBAL WARMING
im feelin shit gettin Fawked by HEATNESS and STEAMED like some fishballs.
peeps might think this is lame,but seriously im COOKED.

DamnAtion man!


Theres a LOT of organization trying to educate ppl in ways and how to actually  reduce this CHAOTIC DAYS and CLIMATE CATASTROPHE , but less ppl applying it !.

They dont really understand/ CARE enough-
WHY id say so-because i was one of them!. :P

i used to read all those articles bout global warming,how its gettin worst day by day..
and i done nothing at all....................................

NO wonder im gettin fawked by this sHEATtness!

another thing was,im not REMINDED
all those ways in reducing global warming wasnt really in my mind so i thot of nothing and reminded of nothing when doin SOME STUFFS THAT MIGHT ACTUALLY INCREASES THIS CLIMATE DISASTER!


lets do something..

thnx fer reading! 

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