Wednesday, September 22, 2010

its been a while

yes yes
its still nt to late to wish u peeps a


we have 1 month to celebrate it remember?

so ive been busy with holidays obviously LOL
and such
a total CHAOS when it ends.


okay okay
Hari Raya was of course a lovely day indeed,met cuzzies here and there,get to b updated with that and this story of his and her, PLAYING with KIDS is something essential i have to say.All the food,mY GoD!

Yes im satisfied
but as soon as it ends,everything turned
dislikey much? :(

oh well,i would upload some pics-usually- but na uh fer now,cuz im wayyyyyyy tired and feeling lazy is above ALL,but but theres this business project,Tax and costing presentation,assignments! and LAW test next week...and yes those things are Chaotic i cant actlly 'get a rest'.Im bothered freakin damn MUch.

god do help? :( amin

:)everything will b fine,eventually
just stay cheered and smile *lame
but hey :))))))))))))))))))))))))))))) to stay young YES do smile :P

okay3 im off to have a lilllllllllllllllllllllll nap :p,i'll blog around again later ;P~
thnx fer reading this short one!

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