Monday, October 25, 2010

thank you daddy'o

hahaha went to KL last night just to release some stress with my AYAH. 

right i was homesick remember?
and suddenly my dad got some meeting at KL.
so i -why not pay some visit kan :) missing much!

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Dinner was awesomeeeee
i felt like,yesterday was kinda like some daddy day :p

After dinner,we went out fer some shopping but just fer a while-cuz you know how 'Dad's are when it comes to shopping- never lasts' LOL got myself a new bagpack! since the old one is kinda 'worn out'.

Next thing was me enjoying watchin TV hahaha ,my dad had to sleep early fer his morning meeting the next day so i was pretty much all alone :( oh well.
i watched some malay movies,and there was one that kinda keep on REappearing in my head and it was kinda like a Daddy-type of movie too~

see? yesterday was really like a daddy day :)
Now im back at Shah Alam..missing him already is a YES. and missing MORE of my moma is Always.

suddenly being cuddly and and 'manja' 
with who else can you be like that ohh- if its not with yer family :)
friends might b talking behind,gf/Bf might not like it
but family will simply accept it and love you for who you are~
awww how shuwitttt ;)

no matter how hard youre tryin to avoid your family they will always be there!
LOL stop denying and just loving :)
last night movie strengthen this quote

'kamu akan lebih menghargai seseorang ketika dia tiada lagi dengan kamu'

so-dear your family THE MOST when theyre still there for you

thanks fer reading!

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