Monday, September 6, 2010

like suddenly

ar i just feel the urge to blog :p

so an update?
lol nothing rlly happen these few days :(

oh Yes,im already at home,still feeling the awesomeness.

tho,im quite missing someone that goes by the name 'Remmy Octavia Mailedy'
a housemate of mine that i would say-pretty much 'interesting'.Shes unpredictable,cant rlly guess whats goin thru her mind.
lol yes i miss that part of her *winks
 oh oh i miss the others too ;) jgn la kamu kecik hati by saying 'c awein x rindu saya'  haha
i miss every1 la.

anyway,its goin to b Raya soon, went shopping? that'll be a yes :)
i bought a lot of things,but what strikes me most was a pair of GLEAMING GREEN contact lens of freshkon. NICE and affordable *i likey much*.I bought another 1 last week via Online,but it's still on its way? i hope :p

so its goin to be a 2 week raya holiday at Sabah :).im supposedly should be happy and enjoying most of the time right now,but still im bothered with this so called
business plan we're doin for entrepreneur course.
well i started designin some 3-5 logos of our so called company :p and done some introductory wordings....
still its not enough to say 'Yay now i can peacefully enjoy my holiday' oh wow wee..such depression.
saddening isnt it?

i miss my babes :(  
'where r they..?'
no no no..that doesnt sounds right.
'Awein,where are you?' 
yes yes..its like im the 1 who hv been missing in action lately.
Jessica buzzed me up,but i dont hv much time to buzzed her back at YM,same goes with francy..
Nav and nies commented a lot on 'pictures of ours' at facebook,but i dont have much time to join in the fun of commenting back :(
i dont have much time.i dont have much time.i dont have much time...
like seriously?...
i dont know.Theres something bothering me now and then.I would like to share but the things is,i dont really know what im bothered of. :(

puzzled much.

im like in a boat,tryin hard to find a way back home but end up lost in a middle of nowhere.


okay.okay shssss.
im gona be fine :)
i'll make up with you guys someway somehow. just wait :D.

p/s: how deep is your love?<--- like suddenly?

.thanx for reading.

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