Saturday, February 4, 2012

hello You

it had been a heck of a year.wasnt it??
fer me- HELL YEAH

bye 2011 (i know like soo yesterday~)
hi 2012 ( babe its like the 2nd month of the year already?)

yeahh i know ~ that is actually to remind me of how i have been missing a lot of things by not blogging!
so im back blogging here?
 i dont know mates...
sometimes i have this feeling to blog and sometimes i dont...and when i do feel like blogging i'll end up closing the tab..leaving a draft
believe me, if you could be checking my draft box, you'll see a hell lot of drafted 'about to be posted but not posted' text.

sighs -being this undetermined and unpredictable is really making me blue like very sad..NOT

anyway- i'll try it this time to keep on blogging like how i always have long time ago :)
ohh i still have this crude grammar and vocab probs-so bear with it because i am trying my hardest to work on it..i am seriously making an effort here dude! what else would i continue blogging..

so thats all fer now! LY tc and thanks fer reading.

p/s: rawrrr


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